This Supplement Company Thinks You Can Drink A 2 lb Container Of Powder In One Serving

When it comes to weight gainers you want one thing, CALORIES.  You can only get calories from three places:  carbs, protein, and fat.  Carbs and protein yield 4 calories per gram, and fat yields 9 calories per gram.  So if you had 100 grams of a weight gain powder that was all carbs and protein you’d get about 400 calories.  4 X 100.  No matter how you slice and dice up the protein and carbs nothing will change the fact that you’ll get 400 calories.  Fat is what changes everything.  You get 9 calories per gram.  So a weight gainer with more fat will give you more calories.  The problem is FAT is hard to put into a powder.  That is why most weight gainers will NOT use fat.  In addition fat is expensive.  Supplement companies dont like to use fat because it increases their costs and their profit margin.  So what they do to make their weight gainers SHOW more calories is not add any fat but simply increase the serving size.  So instead of 100 grams per serving they’ll make it like 150 or even 200 grams of powder per serving.  Let me tell you that is ALOT of powder.  1 pound is 454 grams.  So just picture one of those common 2lbs units of whey protein.  Yea these supplement companies that make their serving size 225 grams want you to drink HALF of that 2lbs jug of whey protein…its comical.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Here is a classic example of what I call a “COMICAL” and unrealistic weight gainer.” quote=”These weight gainers with a serving size of 200 gram, 300 grams, and even 400 grams are nothing but a ripoff…and oh you’ll be shitting your brains out. “] [wpsharely]It’s made so the newbie buys it because he sees BIG numbers.  The serving size is 334 grams.  Yes 334 grams.  Again picture a 2lbs jug of whey protein.  They suggest that you drink 3/4 of it.  Im sorry but I’d like to see the person that can do this consistently for 5 days.  No fucking way.  I’d like to see the morn or the President of Dymatize drink a serving size of 334 grams.  CHALLENGE!!!!  Anyway this 334 gram serving size is completely stupid.

Super Mass Gainer by Dymatize at - Lowest Prices on Super Mass Gainer! 2015-05-25 20-59-54

Super Mass Gainer by Dymatize at - Lowest Prices on Super Mass Gainer! 2015-05-25 21-02-04



Now look at the total fat of this weight gainer.  A measly 10 grams.  Its has 200 some grams of carbs and 50 some grams of protein and only 10 grams of fat.  This weight gainer sucks ass.

Here is how to find a good weight gainer.  Simple a large amount of fat.  Fat is not bad.  Please dont be one of those people that fall into that low-fat shit craze.  That was years ago when food companies were trying to make everyone believe that fat was bad…and the low-fat craze hit the market.  FAT is not bad.  It is good.   Fat is what will make you grow muscle.

My favorite form of fat is saturated fat.  The fat found in meat and eggs.  This fat has the power to put on muscle.  The first step you should do if you want to gain muscle is start eating alot of eggs and meat.  Yes eat the steak that has the fat on it.  Dont buy 90% lean beef.  Get the 80% beef and put cheese on top of it.  Eat 2 instead of 1.

But getting back to the powders.  You want to have a high amount of fat.  This is going to be hard to find people because as I mentioned before fat is expensive.  Supplement companies do not like to use it.  Not only that but it will cost you more.  It aint cheap trying to gain weight because you need to eat good fat.  The best source I can tell you is whole egg powder or yolk powder.  Typically these two powder will be almost 50% fat.  And yolks arent that expensive.  To compare to the Dymatize product above with a 334 grams serving size.  The total calories of Dymatize is 1280 calories.  If you took 334 grams of yolk powder.  The total calories would be around 2000 calories.  Almost DOUBLE compared to Dymatize.

I have no clue where you can buy yolk powder or whole egg powder.  But be careful because if you do find it, it is not easy to mix with a spoon and most likely it will be unflavored.

Here are a few other options.  MCT.  This is good but it lacks nutrients and will give you the shits.  MCT can act as a laxative.  However it gives you calories, but I wouldnt use to much…only about 1 to 2tbs max.

CLA, this is good to get FAT calories but dont expect it to help you lose fat.

Whole Eggs.  Suck’em down like potato chips and you’ll gain some weight.

Here is a good stack.

16 oz of whole milk

2 whole eggs or you can buy liquid eggs from the grocery store

1 tbs of MCT oil

1 tbs of Flax Oil

1 scoop of Whey Protein Isolate

Creapure creatine


1 scoop of favorite ice cream

Dont be fooled by the supplement companies selling you these weight gainers loaded with carbs.  They are just trying to fool you.  If you simply increase your dietary fat intake I can guarantee you that you’ll be gaining some good muscle.[/wpsharely]