The Top 10 Fad Supplements To Avoid

I’m sure you’ve heard of “Fad Diets”.  These are diets that some “in the moment” fitness experts come out with to try to sell some books.  There has to be 10,000 fad diets available.  Stroll down the aisle of any book store and you’ll find a ton of book on this diet and that.  The reason there are so many books about diets is because none of them work.  These diets are written to control your food intake, to reduce your calories, and give you the illusion that this magical combination of foods will melt the fat off your body.  The same can be said about supplements.  You have “fad supplements” that come and go.  Just head over to and you’ll find the latest fad supplements.  For a while, Dr. Oz was at the controls of the “fad supplement” world.  Any supplement that we would mention on this show that had to do with health or weight loss would start to take off in sales.  Meanwhile these supplements that he was mentioning were nothing new.  Most of them have been in existence for years.  Then Congress got a hold of him and told him to quit pimping supplements.  In the sports nutrition world, there is a few Dr. Oz type characters.

Jim Stopanni, which is’s baby.  He of course sells his own line of supplements, none which in my opinion or cutting edge or new.  All of his supplements are easily replaceable.

Rich Piana, the Youtube hero.  Nothing special about his supplements either.  He recently came out with egg protein crystals.  I was selling those about 10 years ago.   I would guess he’s buying them from this company called Nutriom.  Like I said, I used to sell them, but they issued a recall because of salmonella.  Talk about getting on the FDA’s “bad boy list”.  I have enough problems with the FDA and I needed this recall like I needed a hole in my head.  After that I severed my relationship with them.

Kris Gethin.  He reminds me of Shredz and the CEO Arvil, the wanna be Instagram Celebrity.  Nothing special about his supplements.  He goes on Facebook all the time bragging about his lab tested supplements.  Nothing cutting edge and nothing special about this supplements.  He calls his supplements revolutionary…sorry but this is laughable.  I love this quote in his marketing materials….

PRE-KAGED was one of the SECRET WEAPONS that allowed me to pack on 20 lbs of lean muscle in just 12 WEEKS!

I’ll take a guess what the other “SECRET” ingredient was also…cough cough….

The problem with the sports nutrition industry is that nothing new ever comes out.  EVER!  However, new supplement companies come out all the time.  And they don’t come out with any new, just the same old supplements.  A protein, a pre workout, a BCAA, some kitchen sink fat burner.

Therefore you must remain steadfast and not fall for the fad supplements that these “influencers” try to sell you.  If there is going to be a new cutting edge supplement that nobody else has, it is going to come from  If it does not come from it will come from an ingredient manufacturer, not a supplement company.

Here are some fad supplements to avoid.  

Most of these were popular in the 1980’s believe it or not and the 1990’s.  Literally 40 years old and still being sold as cutting edge…to funny!!  I found all of these for sale on the internet.  All of them are rehashed, old, and certainly not cutting edge.

  1.  Gamma-o
  2.  amino acids (for some reason people still think these are better than hydrolyzed proteins or simply whey protein)
  3.  hydrolyzed collagen (if used for a protein source)
  4.  bone broth  (not much use)
  5.  MCT oil or coconut oil  (if used for weight loss)  (decent if used to increase calories and to spare protein)
  6.   CLA for fat loss.  I like CLA as a health ingredient and for weight gain.  weight loss, never.   Been around for about 15 years.
  7. multi-vitamins.  The supplement industry has come so far from a multi-vitamin.  One wants to really find tune their supplements.  Not use an all-in-one made in China.
  8. colostrum.  Its a decent protein, but my bovine plasma is better in all categories.  The numbers are simply better.   Colostrum has been around for 40 years
  9.   horny goat weed.  I have the funniest story with that going back to the Arnold Classic in the 90’s.  It involved a puppet and masturbationon!
  10. deer antler…I mean come on seriously.


Hulk Muscle!!!  This product will put on 20lbs in 5 days!!  LMFAO!!  (Yes this product actually exists and I found it on