Top 5 Greatest Protein Powders of All Time and What I Recommend for Results Now. Teaser: One Is Actually Pretty Disgusting, But It May Raise Testosterone Levels

So many supplements which ones to choose?  I just got done working out at Retro Fitness here at the Jersey Shore.  I was walking out and noticed their selection of supplements.  Most are pre workouts, some vitamins, alot of fat burners, and some protein.  I started looking at the protein of course and noticed how shitty they were.  You had BPI Iso whey.  Which they are trying to copy my company and saying that they are doing testing and that all other bullshit.  Too bad their supplement facts panel is against FDA 111 regulations.  So nice try a hole’s.  It should be labeled with a supplement facts panel not a nutrition facts panel.   But anyway, looking at all of these supplements made me realize that protein is still the king and will always be the king of supplements.  I don’t care how you slice and dice it remember that you are not going to grow muscle unless you consume protein.  The higher quality protein you consume the better your gains will be.  So obviously you want the highest quality protein you can get. Not the one the hottest guy/girl on Instagram is pretending to use because some supplement company paid her to take selfies with.

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You want to buy a protein that has a 3rd party lab analysis behind it that they can show you, not what some fit guy/girl is promoting…that is not the smart choice.

Let me list out what I think are the highest quality proteins that money can buy.  I’ll try to put them in the best order I can but it’s tough because sometimes it is like comparing apples to oranges.

1) Bovine Albumin Concentrate.  You really can’t get more hardcore than protein from blood.  Super bioavailable, no digestive problems, loaded with growth factors.  We sell it as Bio Serum 1.  Use 30 grams at once or use 5 grams with a good tasting protein shake.  We will have chocolate flavor available soon.  If you’re reading this after August 2015, then we have it.

2) Peptopro.  Nothing beats this hydrolyzed protein.  Average molecular weight of 250 daltons.  This stuff rocks for pre, intra, and post workout.  We should have Grape flavor by September 2015.

3) Hydrolyzed Whey Protein.  But please make sure you have a complete understanding of hydrolyzed proteins.  Because if I said it once I’ll say it for the 1,000 times, molecular weight average is everything.  If you do not know the average molecular weight of the hydrolyzed whey protein you are buying, do NOT buy it.  You are being scammed.

Here is a classic example from Optimum Nutrition.  They refuse to give you the molecular weight average of the Platinum Whey.

4.  Hydrolyzed Silk Protein.  This is a rare protein from Korea.  I used to sell it.  Used to..I don’t anymore.  Why?  because it comes from insects and could be what the FDA calls a biologic.  So yea I don’t carry it anymore but supposedly this protein raises testosterone.  Plus the average molecular weight is around 150 daltons.  Almost in free form amino acid.

5.  Native Whey isolate.  Because whey protein is so common I have to mention native whey isolate.  This comes directly from milk, not cheese like all other whey proteins that you can buy on the market.

Honorable mention

Hydrolyzed beef protein from New Zealand.  Great high quality beef protein.   Muscle building muscle!!

So which one do you use?  It is really up to you because a lot of these proteins do not taste very good with the exception of native whey and hydrolyzed beef protein in the form of our Muscle Shake.  However, when we get in Chocolate Bio Serum 1 and grape Peptopro you’re going to love the tastes of those ones as well.  But in the mean time how do you use these and which ones do you use?

Play around with all of them and try to get different ones.  Have some Muscle Shake in between meals.  some Peptpro pre and post workout and some Bio Serum mixed in.  You’ll notice your results will be better.  And if you have been using cheap protein from and Muscle Pharm and all those other spiked protein brands and you start using the real good stuff…..yea, you’re going to see better results.

As always, any questions you have about working out, supplementation and what is right for you, email me. Where else can you contact an expert for advice and recommendations?