Update On Bio Serum 1, Bio-Serum 2, & Red Serum 1

What you are looking at on my desk are 3 new protein powders that most of my customers are anxiously waiting for. Now most of you reading this have heard of Bio-Serum 1. However, none of my customers have heard of Bio-Serum 2, and Red Serum 1. These are all very, very, potent muscle-building protein powders. None are available ANYWHERE. Only at Protein Factory will you find powders like these. So make sure that you check back often and when I finally have these available get on it.

Why It Matters

These powders contain a massive amount of growth factors. In fact, they are used in the cattle and porcine industry to put weight on the animals. They feed these proteins to the animals to get them big, FAST!

If these powders are so great why doesn’t anyone else sell them?

A few reasons. The most obvious is because it does not taste like a milkshake. The second is the price, the third is the sourcing, and the fourth is expertise. No protein company can beat my over 20 years of experience in the industry. I’m doing my best to make these available to you, so pray to the bodybuilding Gods. Thank you.

The Bio Serum Line of Proteins