Top Cancer-Fighting Supplements

I’ve been formulating supplements for almost 20 years.  I feel I’m qualified to give you my opinion on the best cancer-fighting supplements out there.  Being that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month….here you go.  Keep mind I am not going to go into what each supplement DOES and why you should use it.  There are 1,000’s of websites that can do that.  The difference between my list and everyone else’s is that I analyze the company and the supplement to make sure it is the best quality you can buy.  For example, many sites recommend Curcumin but do not necessarily recommend a brand or if they do recommend a brand they will say something like, “Such and such company makes the highest quality curcumin because of the rigorous testing they do”.  Please, this is complete bullshit.  Most likely the curcumin that they are using is coming from China, the supplement manufacturing kingdom of the world.  Don’t be fooled by this garbage.  Ok, let’s get to it.

  1.  Curcumin from AFI supplements.  Dr. Majeed that owns the company is pretty much the father of this turmeric and curcuminoid supplements.  I carry his curcumin on my site because I believe it can help with lean muscle mass.   You can find his curcuminoid supplement here.   I personally use this supplement twice per day.

Here is a recent study I found relating colon cancer and curcuminoids.

2.  Spirulina.  Nobody can beat this company that sells it as it comes right out of hawaii.  I would guestimate that 99% of the spirulina supplements are coming out of China.  I would only use this one.  In addition, this is a great bodybuilding supplement period.  You can use this as a simple multi-vitamin.  It is just packed with nutrients.  Kinda like a egg.  It is a superfood.

3.  CBD Oil from CV sciences.  A great product that I believe the government is trying to squash unless you’re a publicly traded company.  But CBD oil is another great supplement to use for general health.  I take one capsule per day. 

4.  Oligonol from anti-inflammatory.  This supplement has always intrigued me because it is a hydrolyzed superfruit.  Whereas most supplements are just in their whole food state.  This one has gone through a pre-digestion process.

I like this product a lot for general health, weight loss, and anti-cancer, thus I sell it on my site here

5.  Fulvic Acid.  This is a great supplement.  And the company that makes it , I have delt with them before.  They are based in Utah I believe.

6.  Alpha Lipoic Acid How this can kill cancer cells.  I sell this product on my site as well, you can get it here. 

7.  Vitamin D.  I need to bring this one up because so many doctors and cancer experts recommend vitamin D.  However I could not find a brand that I like.  It is very hard to tell if a supplement is synthetic or not.  If it is synthetic it is coming from sheeps wool and being chemically manufactured.  If you want a vitamin D supplement I suggest getting one from mushrooms.  This company makes one, but I could not find where to buy it.  If you really want it you can call them and ask them for a supplement company that possible makes it.

8.  Probiotics.  This is a great brand that uses a patented probiotic.  Love that.

Dont forget to comment below any feedback you have, I would love to hear it.  In addition, if you know of any other cancer fighting supplements that I have not mentioned, feel free to comment below.  I will check them out as well.  Thank you….Alex