State Of The Supplement Union Address 2024

I give my annual State Of The Supplement Union Address 2024 State of the supplement union address part 1 #proteinfactory ♬ original sound – Protein Factory

Part 2

♬ original sound – Protein Factory

Alex Rogers:

Guys, welcome to the State of the Supplement Union Address 2024, and I do this every year. This essentially recaps what the protein factory did, and I address the state of the entire sports nutrition industry.

My name is Alex Rogers and I’m president of I’ve been elected president of for the last 25 years, and so let’s get right into it.

So the most important thing that happened, one of the most important things that happened at the start of 2024 was the release of Bio Serum and Bio Serum one. So Bio Serum was a blood plasma protein that I created in 1998, and it had a nice following and nice rolling, and then the manufacturer that was located in the United States discontinued making it, and I let that left me with no source for the Bio Serum. However, after hunting it down globally, literally globally, I found the source of the Bio Serum one, and we import it successfully into United States, and now is available on

Shortly after that, that was in March. And then in May, a study came out about blueberries, how blueberries may improve athletic performance. And as you know, I’m a big blueberry fan. Blueberry should be a part of everybody’s diet, especially bodybuilders and sports nutrition people. And you use them specifically, or I like to use it specifically post-workout.

And not shortly after that, we released our mushroom tablets. Now, I’m a huge fan of mushrooms. I consider them a superfood and everybody should be using them. There’s really no excuse, especially the big chaga that we have. That’s an extract. That’s a wonderful product, and everybody should be using that.

And then in June, there was a article about circulos, and that gave me just another reason that reinforces my belief of why everybody should be using plain protein powders or unflavored protein powders. You don’t want to use flavored protein powders, especially the ones with circulos in them.

And we address that because circulos could be possibly carcinogenic and genotoxic. Okay, so yeah, that study is on my website. You can check that out.

Okay. Then the summer rolled around and an article came out about caffeine, and the Stanford neuroscientist, Andrew Huberman said that he doesn’t like… Bottom line, he doesn’t like caffeine, and I don’t like caffeine. I think it’s a catabolic drug, and if you want to build muscle and lose fat, you definitely don’t want to use that.

Okay, then in August, now, foods came out with a test of all Amazon or a lot of Amazon products, the Astaxanthin products, and half of them were just bogus, so be careful when buying products on Amazon. And then in September we launched our TikTok shop, which just went crazy. People love us on TikTok. Now we sell a lot of product on TikTok, and we’re going to continue in 2024 too.

Alex Rogers:

Okay, welcome to part two of the State of the Supplement Union Address that I give every year. And to continue what happened in 2023, pretty much our TikTok started rolling. People loving it because we just give information. That’s what TikTok is. And no supplement company gives information like we give information about protein powders, cutting-edge stuff. So we’ll continue to do that in 2024. And then, at the very end of 2024 was that groundbreaking research study that showed 100 grams of protein can be used and utilized to create an anabolic condition in the body.

So what happened in 2023 with the other supplement companies, just the same old stupid stuff. Some of the companies, they’re not cutting edge. The only thing they come out with new flavorings. They don’t come out with any new products whatsoever. There’s not one single supplement company that I respect that actually creates new products because it just does not exist. The only company that creates new products is Protein Factory. We actually create new products and we’re going to continue to do so.

In 2024, what am I creating? Well, I’m coming out with the new anabolic oil. Nothing like this exists. Fat is a highly anabolic macronutrient. And it’s not going to be coming from plants. It’s not going to be… Well, that’s all I’m going to say. It’s not going to be coming from plants because every oil comes from plants, which could have estrogenic compounds in them.

But anyway, also, I’m also working on a new product. Does not exist. Does not exist on the market today. It’s going to be phenomenal. It’s funded. I’m working on it, and it will be released in 2024. Creatine tablets will be coming back in 2024, the lemon ones that we have. I might be coming out with gummies, but I want something different. I want something unique. I mean, creatine gummies I might come out with, but we’ll see. Other than that, I do have a ton other new products that I’d love to carry at Protein Factory. I don’t know, there’s so many good products out there, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So in 2024, Protein Factory will continue to be the protein company that comes out with new products that nobody else has. And I’m not talking flavoring. If you want to talk flavoring, the lifestyle companies, no, that’s not me. Leave this country. Leave the Protein Factory country. Go to the other side of TikTok because this side of TikTok talks about real products and things like that. So 2024, definitely two new products, possibly three, possibly Bio Serum 2. Yes, Bio Serum 2, possibly that.

Again, I want to thank everybody, all my customers that’s been with me for 25 years. I want to thank everybody for buying my products. We’re a small company. Thanks for supporting me. Thanks for sticking with a company that’s not mass market, and I look forward to working hard for you in 2024, and bringing you new cutting-edge products that nobody else will have or can’t even… So 2024, [inaudible 00:02:59].