Triggering New Gains With New Workouts

I was talking to a good customer just this morning and we were talking about fat loss.  I told him how I recently started doing kickboxing classes and other female-dominated classes at my gym.  Yea I’m an old meathead that likes to workout with my old Weider 50lbs plates that my dad used to use, but doing this classes really helps.  You see I play a lot of hockey and I’m not getting any younger (I’m 45).  However, it seems the people that I play with do not age.  Every year some new 18-year-old wiper snapper comes along trying to blow past me on the ice.  My wife convinced me I should start taking some of these classes with her for time together (swole mates), but something surprising happened.  I felt I was more agile and FASTER on the ice.  After I thought about it, it was not surprising because I was doing no OFF-ICE training.  And now since I started doing all of these classes at the gym, I have increased my performance on the ice.

That is what I was telling this customer on the phone.  If you want to lose fat, you should try something DIFFERENT.  Take a kickboxing class, take a cardio class, take a class where you can sweat your ass off and you are doubled over huffing and puffing trying to catch your breath.  I can almost guarantee you that if you did this 2 to 3 times a week you’ll see less fat on your body and you’ll feel lighter and be more agile.  Forget the cardio machines, they dont push you hard enough…..

Speaking of hockey.  The USA women’s ice hockey team takes on Canada tonight.  This is going to be an awesome game because, during last Olympics, USA was winning 2 to nothing in the 3rd period and Canada came back and won the Gold medal in OT.   Now USA needs their revenge.  Sorry Canadian customers, but I gotta cheer on my countrywomen tonight at 10 o’clock.