How Randall Pich Became The Man

Quick Overview

Randall Pich is an American entrepreneur and CEO of Live Fit. Apparel LLC. It is a Lifestyle brand and has heavy influences from Skateboarding, Surfing, and Fitness to BodyBuilding. Pich is the owner of it and he has Alex Zerega as the Designer and spokeswoman.

Pich is also a personal trainer as well as a graphic designer. With his career as a graphic designer working for a lot of companies, he came up with the idea of launching a lifestyle brand. To know more about his earnings, career and personal life, keep scrolling.

randall pich

Early Life

In his childhood, his parents faced difficulties as they were immigrants. His parents provided everything they could in order to give Randall Pich a better childhood. Before starting his multi-million dollar business, Randall worked for a lot of companies as a Graphic Designer and also as a personal trainer.

When Pich designed items for the fans to collect money for the band he was in, it worked. The fans loved the design and it gave him an idea to open his own clothing brand. Pich studied in college when in the fear of missing out on the opportunity of clothing business he quit his studies.

Pich’s parents and his fitness clients asked him to finish his studies but he already decided to drop. During his college days, Pich worked as a personal trainer and also opened a T-Shirt store.


Randall worked three different jobs when he was in college so he would not have to face financial problems in the future. After that, he started combining his hobby and his skills and decided to design clothes for skateboarders and other local brands.

His clients started promoting his products and started to make a name for himself in the business industry. According to him, his tough childhood made him a workaholic and he tried twice as hard than others. And that made him a way better person, with honesty, loyalty and would be a ten times better working then an average person.

Start to his Fitness Journey

While in college Randall Pich studied the logistics of personal training and that was the standpoint for his new company. Pich opened a clothing brand called Live Fit where he designed clothes for his clients. He worked perfectly which suggest the list of people waiting for his time at the gym.

Pich uses social media especially Instagram to promote his brand, and it worked surprisingly well, earning himself a big following and made hundreds of follows in the early days of his social media career. Randall named his personal fitness business as RP Fitness and promoted the brand with videos and photos on Instagram. More people started following and buying his brands which launched his career to new highs that he thought could never happen in his lifetime.

As well as starting an Instagram, Randall started his Youtube channel and posted videos of fitness and bodybuilding. Pich initially worked in a warehouse taking care of all the orders. Later, a girl started working with him, she looked after logistics which helped the business grow and Pich started to hire more people. And kept growing his company bigger and bigger.

Q and A

Launching his career to success, Randall Pich becoming a wealthy businessman and entrepreneur, and a social media star, with his Instagram having 323k followers and 62,626 subscribers on his youtube channel. So over the course of his time, he has gotten a lot of question in his lifetime. So we are going to go over some of these questions.

Do you find yourself talking about business even when you are not working?

He means with his kind of business or any kind of business. He personally thinks the best business ideas and the best relationships are the ones that he just created outside of the office outside of his professional space. Because things are naturally said that way you feel things naturally. It’s not like forced. He doesn’t get uncomfortable and especially guys like that person that have been doing business with him for a long time. It doesn’t bug him and he actually likes talking business in all of his free time. He feels like you make your best decisions when you’re at your most relaxed. So you’re not really thinking about it too hard and your instincts and your decisions come naturally. We do talk business all the time no matter what we’re doing.

Do You Shop As A Way To Alleviate Stress?

He loves to shop. Even before he became the CEO of a company. His whole life, Middle school, high school he just liked to shop. Like getting new shoes he likes buying new clothes new teas, shoes. That’s a big part of him and he is always aware of what he’s wearing. He kind of thinks of himself as a crazy shopper. He feels good to be in his element. So to answer the question it alleviates a ton of stress and takes some of the weight off his shoulder for the time being.

Growing Up Did You Always Like Fashion?

Obviously, he grew up skateboarding so a lot of the heavy influences come from like skate companies one of those being Birdhouse. Those kinds of companies are the companies that he grew up on. The kind of companies back in the day were the ones that made stuff cool. He just knew that he was going rock those kinds of clothes and to be affiliated with skateboarding with surfing with that type of lifestyle and him being in that little bubble. From the outside perspective, people really dig that kind of stuff and that lifestyle they like the way he looked and so they always wanted to dress that way. Now obviously a more professional level in his career. He got to dress a little differently sometimes not to say that he has to but he wants to.

How Did LiveFit Begin?

He used to function everything out of his little room in Long Beach and then once that room got crowded there’s not enough space. All the inventory was taking up a bunch of budget space.

He had no choice but to sign a lease in a building and this was probably the scariest part because he’s never had anything under solely his name because he had the T-shirt store and he had partners. It was him and his buddy Bruce, he still runs all right now. So when he signed on that new lease, it was still pretty crowded. But we didn’t wanna break the lease. At the time he had to go fish out another five square foot warehouse and still pay for three times square foot warehouse that we used to keep storage and all that stuff in there. So we would just truck back and forth a lot of inventory or whatever we needed.


Overall Randall Pich is a man that you can look up too. From having nothing to then having it all and living the big life. So if you ever find yourself in a bad spot and don’t think that you can make it big. Remember that Randall got up and did something about it and made it big in the clothing industry.