The Best Fat Burners For Women | Top 5 Clinically Validated

Hi, I’m Alex Rogers, supplement expert.  I have been manufacturing supplements for almost 20 years.  That being said, you can call me a supplement expert and I have the knowledge to tell you what the top best fat burners for women are.

Top 5 Best Fat Burners for women.

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  1.  Cayenne Pepper Extract.  Nothing works better to increase fat burning than cayenne pepper extract.  If you want to lose weight you have to exercise.  Nothing natural and safe is going to magically make you lose fat just by swallowing a pill.  You must exercise.  If you take cayenne pepper extract 30 minutes before you workout you’ll increase the amount of calories you burn than you normally would.  This in turn will help you burn more fat for energy.  I recommend this brand of cayenne pepper extract as it is the ONLY clinically validated, researched back branded cayenne pepper extract.  It is called Capsimax.
  2. Citrus Aurantium.  This product helps you to break down more fat.  It also helps you utilize carbs better for energy.  Kinetiq is the brand of citrum aurantium you should use as like Capsimax.  It is the only branded citrus aurantium on the market.
  3. Yohimbe.  Great supplement to use to burn fat.  Unfortunately, 95% of the yohimbe supplements being sold today are garbage.  Read my article on a study that was done testing the quality of many yohimbe supplements being sold.  Therefore you have to be very careful when you buy yohimbe supplements.  Fortunately, a company located in Bulgaria makes the best yohimbe supplement in the world.  You can buy it here.  In addition you can find numerous studies showing how yohimbe is qualified as one of the best fat burners for women.  This study examined the effects of yohimbe and weight loss.
  4.  Forslean.  Forslean is a brand of coleus forskohlii.  It is patented.  It is the only brand proven in clinical studies to reduce bodyfat and increase lean muscle mass.  Keep in mind that there are many generic version of coleus forskohlii.  Many of these are available on sites like, however, these are nothing more than cheap, Chinese made, low quality supplements.  Never use this, they will not work.  Only use the Forslean by AFI supplements.  You can buy it here.
  5.   Garcinia cambogia.  Similar to the forslean above in that there are many cheap, low quality, chinese versions.  However you want to only use the brand Garcitrin.  This has been clinically proven to reduce body fat.  Click here to see the studies.  I only recommend this brand of garcinia cambogia.

If you want to try these I would suggest starting with the Capsimax and the Citrus Aurantium.  You want to take these two together as many of our customers are seeing great results.

fat burning stack

In addition here are some things you want to do to help yourself make these supplements more effective.

  1.  avoid caffeine.  caffeine increases cortisol which helps increase body fat and decrease muscle mass.
  2. avoid long cardio sessions.  Instead, opt for quick burst of cardio and more lifting of free weights, like the bench press, squat, deadlift, and military presses.  The more muscle you have the more fat you’ll burn.
  3. as stated above, do not use generic versions of these supplements
  4. Increase your protein intake.
  5. Stay away from sugar and artificial sweeteners
  6. Stay away from trans fats and fried food.

Fat loss supplements are very, very common in the supplement industry.  However when one of my customers asks me which one is the best fat burners for women, I respond typically with this.  [clickToTweet tweet=”‘Why do you think there are so many fat burning supplements out there? Because none of them work!'” quote=”‘Why do you think there are so many fat burning supplements out there? Because none of them work!'”] If you go onto any supplement distributors website you’ll find, tons and tons of fat burners.  All claiming they are the best fat burners for women.  Most of them are a combination of different ingredients.  Supplement companies do this to try to separate themselves from all the other supplements and try to pretend they ….



Most people that are looking for the best fat burner for women, NEVER read the back of the supplement labels.  For they have no clue what they are looking at.  The mass market is only buying it based on whether or not some so-called fitness influencer on Instagram is saying,  “ABC supplement is the key to my six pack!”

This is a poor way to buy fat loss supplements and/or if you’re looking for the best fat burners for women.  The correct way to buy fat loss supplements is to find an ingredient that actually has some decent research behind it.  But before we go looking for ingredients you first must understand something that is very important.

The fat loss supplements that you can buy are not actually made by the supplement companies. They are made by OTHER companies.  For example, lets take Coca-Cola.  Coca Cola makes Coca-Cola.  They take the finished product and distribute it.  However supplements are not like this.  The companies that make the supplements or ingredients sell them to supplements companies and these supplement companies put them under their own brand.  Why do they do this?  Answer:  more money and lack of confidence.

More Money

The companies that make these ingredients and sell them to the supplement companies believe that selling them to multiple supplement companies will net them more dollars.  If you have 10, 20, or 30 supplement companies selling & marketing your ingredient in their products you’ll have more sales.  Pretty basic math.

An example of this would be Creapure.  Creapure is manufactured by Alzchem, but they dont have their own brand…instead they sell it to many, many supplement companies.

Lack of Confidence

Let’s say you just invented a product that literally built muscle.  Imagine if you invented a product that would build 10lbs of muscle in 30 days.  Would you sell it to other companies?  Or would you just keep the product and sell it yourself?  Of course, you’d keep the product yourself and sell it under your own brand and make millions and millions of dollars.  Because if it REALLY worked then it would sell like hot cakes, no need for flashy marketing.

However supplements are not like that.  Supplements are weak.  So weak that people cant even tell they are working or not.  One of these weak supplements for example is CLA (its supposed to build muscle and reduce fat), however if you’ve ever taken CLA its nothing to write home about.  And for fat loss, I dont think there is one person who would say it help them get a six pack.

Another example of a weak supplement is DHEA.  It is supposed to work wonders on the hormones and such, but again if you’ve ever taken it you’ve probably never purchased a second bottle.

So when these supplement ingredient “inventors” (manufacturers) make their supplements they know they are weak.  They know it will take a TON of slick marketing to sell their products, so they sell them to the supplement companies whom they know can really drum up the marketing bullshit.

In the end this results in a BIG problem. You see their are two snakes in the grass when it comes to the supplement industry.  The supplement company selling the finished product to you & the contract packager who is actually making the supplement.

First is the supplement company, they will always look to maximize their profits, so they will put in dosages of ingredients that are not adequate enough to be effect but flashy enough for the label.  Take Creatine for example.

Look at this label.  See how this company only put in (supposedly) 1500mg of creatine.  1500mg is not enough to be effective.  You need at least at minimum 3 to 5 grams.  I would say 5 grams to be safe.

creatine underdosed.

Second is the contact packagers themselves.  Remember only a handful of supplement companies actually make their own products.  (legitimate ones).  Some are Optimum Nutrition, Universal Nutrition, BSN, & Dymatize.  I would say 99% of supplement companies out there do not.  The contract packagers you’ve never heard of.  Companies like Garden State Nutritionals, Century Foods, Command Nutritionals, & Reliance Vitamin.

Contract packagers have the responsibility to follow the FDA CFR 111’s for dietary supplements.  These are the laws for dietary supplements.  However sometimes you have dirty contract packagers.  (and NO, I am not saying the companies that I mentioned above are dirty, just to be clear)  They know that MOST of their customers (the supplement companies) are not doing any testing to verify that the supplement that they just bought CONTAINS what they requested be in there.  So to cut costs, the contract manufacturers can cheat them by not putting the ingredient in supplement at all, putting something completely different, or dusting it in.


Ok so now we know how supplements are made, let’s get to fat burning supplements, because I am sick and tired of supplement companies blowing smoke up everyone’s asses with these freakin fat loss supplements.  You see there are decent fat burning ingredients out there.  There are just no decent fat burning supplements..(REMEMBER THE DIFFERENCE!!)  They are just very hard to find.  Even an expert like myself has a hard time finding them.  Over the next few days I’m going to be pointing a few out that I feel when STACKED together will give you the best choice to burn fat.

The first one is capsicum extract.  This has the ability to increase your metabolism and promotes thermogenesis.  There is only ONE brand to get.  It literally took me like 7 days to find a legitimate manufacturer.  I called up the company & grilled him about his manufacturing business and supplements.  You see if I am going to recommend a product to you, I want to make sure it is legit.  I had to verify the companies FDA registration number, their GMP’s, and that the dosage was correct in the supplement.  Remember MOST companies DUST in ingredients.  Now for Pete’s sake, do NOT go out and buy capsicum extract.  I can almost guarantee you that you’ll buy some cheap as shit from China that will be worthless.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best fat burners for women, you need to do your research and not simply rely on what so called fitness experts are recommending.  Instead you can simply ask a supplement expert like myself to find the best fat burners for women.  You can text me anytime at 732-901-9600.  Again, my name is Alex Rogers, most of the time I text back right away except at night and on the weekends.  But feel free to text me and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.  My advice is free, so dont hesitate to ask any questions about fat burners for women.