My New Favorite Protein Drink & Oligonol For More Muscle

New Favorite Protein Drink For Anabolism & Anti-Cortisol

A few blog posts back I talked about pomegranates and how they reduce estrogen and cortisol.  Sounds like a win-win for me.  So I went out and bought myself some pomegranate juice.

I opened up the bottle, took a sip, and whoa!  Very bitter to say the least.  That got my wheels spinning and I thought,  “Wow, this would be great with Peptopro or Hydrolyzed 520!!”  Why do you ask?  Because Peptopro is very bitter.  It is bitter because you are tasting the di and tripeptides that make up most of the product.  Remember the more bitter the taste the smaller the peptides.  This is a great home-made tactic to tell just how good other companies hydrolyzed protein powder is.  If you cannot taste any bitterness than there are no di and tri peptides.  If you have a product that is extremely bitter, well those are the peptides screaming at you.  Therefore if you mix Peptopro with a chocolate or vanilla drink it will not mask the bitter taste.  What you want to do is mix Peptopro or Hydrolyzed whey protein 520, with something bitter like lemonade or lime.  I never knew that pomegranates had a bitter taste.  This makes it the ideal fruit flavoring system to mix with Peptopro.  Not only that but you’re getting the benefits of pomegranates as well.  This is an awesome discovery.  Pomegranate and Peptopro…PERFECT together!

Check out what I did.  I mixed the Peptopro with pomegranate juice.  Came out awesome.  Essentially I created an anabolic, insulinotropic, cortisol reducing, estro battling bodybuilding drink.  Seriously, you just can’t get any better than this drink.  Nothing you can buy at GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, or is more potent that than.  This protein drink literally blows anything they sell out of the water.   I love it and I”m sure you will too.

peptopro and pomegranate

Oligonol For Muscle Growth

Muscle building supplements are sometimes right underneath our noses.  Trust me, you are not going to find Instagram influencers telling you about them, nor will you find them on   Only on will you find about supplements that will be cutting edge.

I’ve been selling Oligonol for about 8 years now.  I saw how awesome this product was and I knew it was something that I had to carry.  You see, Oligonol is a hydrolyzed super fruit.  Yes, just like a hydrolyzed protein powder.  Oligonol is a hydrolyzed lychee fruit that has some powerful benefits.  I first sold it because it can help with stomach fat and make the skin look better.  Yes, I can make the claim that Oligonol will reduce wrinkles.  Now a new study came out showing how Oligonol can help build lean muscle.  Here is what the research study concluded.

“contributes to positive protein turnover and mitochondrial quality, thus increasing muscle mass and strength in SAMP8 mice.”

Here is the study


Quality Of Life Oligonol- 100 Mg – 30 Capsules