Want To Kill Your Appetite? Here Are The Best Appetite Suppressors


I put together a list of supplements that are clinically proven to reduce your appetite.  I’ve been manufacturing supplements for over 20 years and these one’s I recommend are the best in the world.

Slendesta ® is made with patented technology, is a safe, all-natural vegetable protein that boosts satiety to make it easier for people to control their hunger and meet their weight management goals.

  • Makes dieting easier by helping people control their hunger
  • Helps people lose weight and reduce waist and hip measurements
  • Boosts satiety and helps people feel full sooner and longer
  • Promotes and extends the release of cholecystokinin (CCK), a well-studied satiety factor that signals to the brain the stomach is full
  • Promotes natural hunger management
  • Lessens the desire to eat without unpleasant side effects such as jitters or bloating
  • Reduces spikes in post-meal blood glucose levels

Next is Satiereal.

Satiereal® is a patented, clinically-studied satiety ingredient derived from saffron. The satiated feeling induced by Satiereal®encourages weight loss while eliminating frustration.

Satiereal® May Help:
Decrease sugar cravings and hunger between meals
  • Decrease compulsive snacking supporting steady weight loss
  • Improve mood
  • Published
  • Patented
You can get Satiereal here

If you stack these two supplements together you’ll surely be crushing your appetite this holiday season.

Supplement Smart & Train Hard

Alex Rogers