Don’t Be A Fool, For Fat Loss Choose Science Over Marketing Hype

You know I thought about the products I recommended for fat loss the other day and something occurred to me that everyone should be aware of that makes my recommendations for fat loss supplements far superior to all the other junk fat loss supplements sold by most companies.  The big difference is this.
When you buy the supplements that I recommended, there are legitimate research studies behind them.  When you buy most other fat loss supplements on the market, you are simply buying a supplement with no credibility, accountability, or any proof that it works whatsoever.  You are simply buying the hype, don’t buy the hype.
Do not take this for granted!  These companies that make these products I recommend have spent a lot of money to proven their raw materials help with fat loss.
For example.
The first product I recommend for appetite suppression was Slendesta.  Check out the REAL research studies
 As you can see Slendesta will help with weight loss and battle the [clickToTweet tweet=”#1 enemy of fat gain, fat storage, and fat loss, is INSULIN!” quote=”#1 enemy of fat gain, fat storage, and fat loss, is INSULIN!”] Look how 600mg of Slendesta affected blood sugar levels.  THAT’S HUGE!
Second example & supplement I recommended was Capsimax, not some krap cayenne extract rip off version from China that supplement companies will use to increase their profit margin.
Look at the research behind Capsimax
The third supplement I recommended is Advantra Z.  Many supplement companies will use this ingredient but few, very few, will use the right dose.  Most just use a very small fraction just to put it on the label.  Check out this research on Advantra Z
Finally, you’re the best weapon against fat loss, and that is a supplement to battle insulin.  Insulin promotes fat storage, fat from being used as energy, and increases fat cells to grow.  My Deltropin supplement is awesome and your #1 weapon against insulin.  Check out this study
Look, the bottom line is that being a supplement expert in manufacturing and developing products for almost 20 years, I know what products are the best for weight loss.  Do not be a fool and buy what you’re seeing these models or bodybuilders recommending on Instagram.
I mean really, is America seriously being sold this marketing bullshit again?
 Don’t go out and buy kitchen-sink fat loss supplements that the guy that works behind the counter at the gym recommends.  Instead, be smart, look at the science, consider who is recommending them (someone like me or some dude in the gym).  The choice is clear for me, and I have thought I made my case pretty easy to win.