You Need To Read This If You Purchased Caldrol 500!

Some great news if you have purchased the Caldrol 500.

A study was recently published that showed omega fatty acids prevent the Covid 19 virus from entering the cells. It must be stated that the study was done in vitro (glass lab equipment), but the authors concluded that tests on human or living organisms are warranted.

Why It Matters?

Caldrol 500 is rich in the omega-3 fatty acids EPA, DHA and SDA bound as wax esters (>85%), and has as such a different composition than edible oils derived from e.g. fish and krill. The unique composition of Caldrol 500 implies that it is digested differently from other omega-3 products, which may explain its very pronounced effects on important metabolic parameters.

Check out the Study

calanus oil

In layman’s terms, the Covid 19 virus (I’m sure you’ve seen pictures by now, but here is another one below) has these spikes on it. These are the protein spikes that attack your cells and enter them. The omega fatty acids attach themselves to these spikes and prevent the Covid 19 cell from attacking the cells. This means it makes it very hard for the virus to attack your cells.

The spikes on the Covid-19

Caldrol 500, in my opinion, is the highest quality marine oil on the planet. And as an added bonus, besides its effect on one’s metabolism, it might help fight viruses.


Goc, A., Niedzwiecki, A. & Rath, M. Polyunsaturated ω-3 fatty acids inhibit ACE2-controlled SARS-CoV-2 binding and cellular entry. Sci Rep 11, 5207 (2021).