Blue Generator Muscle Stimulator Now Available

Another NEW product.  

I’m calling it Blue Generator.

What is it?

It’s a muscle stimulator and one helluva bodybuilding powder, and that’s an understatement!!

After I found out what blueberries can do, generate new muscle cells…I had to carry it.  However, I simply just didn’t call up China and say…gimme 1,000 kilos of blueberry powder, which is what many supplement companies are going to do now that they see me selling.  Similar to what they tried to do when they tried to copy my Oatmuscle.  These jack asses went out and bought Oat Flour.  And some tried to fancy the name and call it Swedish Oat Starch.  Idiots, I swear!!

Blue Generator is no simple blueberry powder.  It is made using a patented process right here in the United States.  

What’s so special about the patent?

The problem with drying fruit and processing it is that it destroys the nutrients or denatures the product.  Whey protein, for example, is denatured because of the processing it goes through.  The process of drying blueberries eliminates a lot of the nutrients.  

Blue Generator process leaves all the nutrients 99.5% intact!  Virtually no denaturing is taking place.  Not only that but the powder is super concentrated.  What is left after processing is a product similar to Tectanic Red, a highly concentrated blueberry powder that has tremendous sports nutrition capabilities.  

Blue Generator represents a new form of powder in the sports nutrition industry. Another “first” for 

 THIS means NOBODY has applied this powder for muscle recovery, anabolic, and ergogenic benefits. You can be the first!!

And just like my Oatmuscle, don’t be fooled into just buying a regular blueberry powder or even freeze-dried blueberry powder…not even close to the same thing. 


blueberry powder 2 lbs