1 Andro

1 Andro Guide: An Amazing and Powerful Compound to Unleash The Beast In You!

For any individual who needs a strong, stylish physical make-up and is hoping to push past their typical farthest point, 1 Andro is one muscle-building distinct advantage. This itemized guide will help you know more about it and why it’s such a great pro hormone to use.

What Exactly Is 1 Andro?

1 Andro, likewise called 1 DHEA or 1-Androsterone is a non-methylated prohormone whose essential metabolite is 1-Androstendione or 1-AD (1-Androstene 3b-ol, 17-one ).

In English, this implies it works by helping the user quickly create quality muscle and shed fat. This anabolic compound does not change to estrogen or DHT, but rather changes over to 1-testosterone, which implies, any estrogen related negative impacts ought not come to pass and this compound can genuinely help in building muscle and losing body fat.

Some website resources demonstrate that 1 Andro has double the anabolic quality of testosterone. In a late 4-week consider led by West Texas A&M University, 1-Androsterone increased fat free mass in expert bodybuilders around 8.8 lbs and lessened muscle to fat ratio ratios by 4.4. lbs.

How Does 1 Andro Work?

Essentially, it is an awesome compound to use for your cutting cycle as it helps you lose fat. You get the increases short water maintenance. Since there is no water maintenance, bloating will be moderate; in any case, are positively saved pre and post one cycle. 1-Andro supplements are adaptable as they can be stacked with any compound.

1 andro

Does It Mean It Is Safer Being A Non-Methylated Prohormone?

Yes it will be, it’s even more safe than steroids! Non-methylated prohormones are more secure when contrasted with methylated ones as they offer exceptional additions, yet aren’t as intense on your body, particularly the liver.

In particular, 1 Andro proselytes to 1-testosterone, which is more anabolic (muscle-working) than testosterone, yet doesn’t convey any of the Androgenic impacts (e.g. hair development, forcefulness, and so forth.).

Benefits You Can Get from 1 Andro

Look at this remarkable rundown of advantages from 1-Androsterone:

## Enhances muscle bulk (makes getting bigger simpler)

## Reduces muscle to fat

## Improves quality

## Boosts recuperation

## No DHT or estrogen change

## No bloating

## More safer than steroids

Possible Side Effects of 1 Andro

Similarly, as with other prohormones, this prohormone contains next to zero reactions. Here are some regular (yet brief) reactions to look for:

## Back acne

## Increased pulse

## Anxiety

## Reduced sex drive

## Headaches

## Mild balding

** For ladies taking 1 Andro, expect symptoms, for example, developed vocal hormones, more extensive jawline and facial hair development.

Suggested Dosing

For new and halfway clients: Take the most reduced proposed dosage. Begin with 300 mg to 600 mg a day for 6 weeks.

For cutting edge clients: Take up to 1,000 mg for 6 to 8 weeks.

You may likewise take 1-Androsterone pre-workout.

** This is best taken at even dosages in the morning and night with dinners.

** It ought to just be taken by people beyond 21 years old.

** Make beyond any doubt to take after legitimate dosing demonstrated on the item mark.

**** Alcohol utilization must be dispensed with, if not controlled when running prohormones.

1 Andro versus 4 Andro

What makes 1-Andro emerge more than 4-Andro is a distinction in the reactions. It doesn’t change over to estrogen not at all like 4-Andro.

Are On Cycle Support and Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) Needed?

Yes, you need cycle support and PCT when running 1-Andro to ensure ideal wellbeing and stay away from undesirable reactions.

Post cycle treatment is essential as this helps with repairing characteristic testosterone generation toward the end of your cycle. Watch the video beneath to help you pro your PCT to abstain from losing those well deserved additions.

Is It Available In Liquid and Transdermal Forms?

Yes, yet they’re more testing to discover than pills. 1-Andro fluid is micronized and safe to the liver.

It can likewise be consumed by means of creams and showers, around 200 mg to 300 mg a day.

Could It Be Spotted During Drug Tests?

You will most presumably test positive while utilizing 1-Andro amid anabolic steroid testing because of the discharge of metabolites from 1-Testosterone. Make a point to talk with the medication manage in the event that you have any stresses before taking 1-Androsterone.

Is It 100% Legal?

Completely! The administration banned a few mixes in December 2014. 1-Andro was excluded on the rundown of banned substances, so you can purchase and utilize it with no issue.

Is 1-Andro Stackable?

Yes, you may stack this with nearly anything to upgrade your outcomes.

Where Can You Buy 1 Andro?