The 10 Best Protein Formulas To Increase Your Muscle Gains

I like Instagram.  I was telling my kid the other day it is now officially better than TV if you want to laugh.  You can find hilarious meme’s all the time.  I don’t know how people do it, but it was like immediately after the Oscars aired on TV people were posting memes of Jennifer Garner.  However, when it comes to supplements and Instagram it is the worst.  Essentially it is nothing more hot chicks posting provocative videos doing squats and then saying but this company supplement.   Is it just me or shouldn’t the person endorsing the supplement at least know something about the product?  Look I don’t care what I buy, even a lousy cell phone case, I’ll do some research before I buy it.   I just don’t run out to Walmart and grab the first one I see.  If you do that I can guarantee you that you’ll pay for something that is not worth it.   I just upgraded to a new iPhone 8 plus, and I needed a new case.  So I did some research and found a custom wooden case from this company called Carved.  Great case, good price, and I love it.  When it comes to supplements you MUST do research before you buy it.  Unfortunately, most people simply take the Instagram celebrities word for it…I swear, the supplement industry, not my company though, is going backward in time when it comes to supplementation.  What do I mean by this?  Let me explain.

A good example of what I mean is MCT oil.  MCT oil has been sold since the 1980’s.  Some guy by the name of Parillo, was the first person I believe to start selling MCT oil in like the 80’s.  Then some slick marketing guys decided to resurrect the stuff as the next greatest thing since sliced bread.  People started to dump it into their coffee calling it “BRAIN FOOD”.  I got news for you readers…stop believing the people that sell you supplements, especially the ones that are resurrected.

Another example is hydrolyzed collagen.  This krap was sold in the 80’s all well.  I’m sorry but I still consider this a giant scam.  This garbage is dirt cheap and supplement companies are selling it for massive profits.  Some even have the balls to call it a protein powder.   Yes technically it is a protein powder, but it is an INCOMPLETE protein powder, and why on Earth would you consider using this over something as simple as egg white.  Again stop believing the companies selling you hydrolyzed collagen.  I can guarantee you in 5 years this hype surrounding hydrolyzed collagen will be over.  Oh, sorry, I’ll rephrase that…grass-fed, New Zealand Hydrolyzed collagen.

My company is moving forward, not backward.  Most recently, I started selling the world’s first PURPLE sweet potato powderIn fact, we sell a lot of great products, so that got me thinking that I should put together some stacks for you to create formulas that really crush the competition and are of the highest quality you can get.  I’ll say it once as I said this numerous times.  The better your nutrition, the higher-quality foods you put into your body, the better and healthier you’ll look.  And just the opposite, the BAD foods and chemicals you keep AWAY from your body, the better chance you’ll have a better-looking body, less fat, more youthful, better skin with fewer pimples for all you younglings out there, and most importantly, the LONGER YOU”LL LIVE.  Nobody wants cancer, but yet people get it every day, be proactive and STOP using artificial sweeteners for God’s sake!  Ok let’s get to these formulas


I’ll rate each formula on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 Being easy to drink and 10 being rough to drink.

Anti-catabolic Protein Powder

Rating:  5

1/3 cup of Mod 6

1 tbs of Leucine peptides

1/3 cup of Micellar casein

Post Workout

Rating:  6

1/3 cup of sweet potato powder

1 tsp of creapure

1 tbs of advanced BCAA

1/3 cup of whey isolate

Fast/Slow Protein Blend

Rating:  8

2 tbs of hydrolyzed whey 520

2 tbs of Micellar casein

Quad Feed Protein Blend

Rating:  3

1 tbs of bioserum

1 tbs of egg white

1 tbs whey isolate

1 tbs of micellar casein

Anabolic BCAA Blend

Rating 10

1 tbs of Leucine Peptides

1 tbs of Peptopro

1 tbs of Silk Cocoon

Use formula mixed with some serious carbs post workout…about 20 to 32 oz..that will help with the taste a lot.

Super Meal Replacement Powder

Rating 2

1 tbs of sweet potato powder

1 tbs of oatmuscle

1 tbs of micellar casein

1 tbs of egg white

1 tbs of whey isolate

1 tbs of flax oil

Night Formula

Rating 4

1/4 cup micellar casein

1 tbs of bio serum

Creatine Boost Formula

Rating 2

1 tsp of creapure

1 serving of R-ALA

1 tbs of Peptopro

Mix with Gatorade or Grape juice

Big Blast

1 tsp of creapure

1/4 cup of oatmuscle

1/4 cup of whey isolate

1/4 cup of egg white

This was a great classic formula back in the day.

Cutting Formula

1/3 cup of sweet potato powder

1/3 cup micellar casein

1 tbs of hydrolyzed 520