2 Simple Hacks That Make Protein Work Better. Just Make Sure That You Have The Right Stuff

Protein is the king of supplements and deservingly  so.  No supplement besides protein, are capable of putting on muscle mass.  (BTW steroids and testosterone are not supplements, somebody on my Instagram page posted that they were.. they are not..they are pharmaceuticals).  Most people when they increase their dietary supplementation of protein, they grow muscle and lose fat.  The better quality protein, the better quality muscle.  Whey protein, hydrolyzed whey protein, bovine plasma, and Peptopro are really top kings in the protein world.  So you should really make sure that you have at least one of these powders in your arsenal of supplements if you’re trying to gain muscle and lose weight.  In addition, we know that we can actually make these powders work better.  Yes even though these are great protein supplements, “we have found ways to make the world’s greatest proteins work better. Two ways actually…and let me give you the low down on them.”

The first way is digestive enzymes.  Some digestive enzymes have been proven to show that when taken with protein, that more amino acids are found in the blood than protein taken without digestive enzymes.  But remember, you have to buy the right enzymes.  The BRAND you need to look for is Bio-Core Edge.  The correct DOSE you need to get it at is 25mg and 7500 HUT.  Remember supplement companies are always trying to rip you off by under dosing the ingredients.  Meaning they will use the brand Bio Core Edge but only put in like 5 mg per serving.  You need 25 mg’s per serving.  Here is a classic example of a company playing games.

AllMax Nutrition Casein-FX at Bodybuilding.com: Lowest Prices for Casein-FX 2015-06-08 14-22-52

See how they just list it in the ingredients?  A)  This violates the FDA regs because enzymes are dietary supplements and the Bio Core should be listed INSIDE the supplement facts panel and then listed how many milligrams they used.  Instead, this company just put the Bio Core in the ingredients and lets you GUESS how many grams they used.  In addition, they used two ingredients commonly known for being added to “Spike Protein”.  Shame on them!!

So make sure when you buy Bio Core Edge, you look for the mg’s per serving which should be at least 25 mg’s.  And as always, ask for the 3rd party lab analysis to prove it.

Ok, second hack.  Pro Biotics. In particular Ganedan BC 30.  They have some pretty solid studies showing how it help with protein utilization.  Here it is.

Again, make sure you aren’t fooled.  You have to get the Ganedan BC 30.

In conclusion, these are two “hacks”  (such a trendy word), that will help put your body into an anabolic condition. Only protein and steroids can do that.  Personally I don’t use steroids and I don’t recommend them.  So protein is the next best thing and “enhancing” your protein with digestive enzymes and probiotics should help…a lot.  We sell the Depo Nitrolase 250, which uses the correct dosage of enzymes.  Great stuff.  We do not sell the probiotics…make sure that when you do purchase the probiotics, you find a reputable brand.