325K Views: My Video About Our Mega Whey Goes Viral!

The other day, I posted a video on TikTok about our Mega Whey Protein. It went viral because it shows my transparency and no-bullshit approach regarding my products. (I can do this for some, but for others I cannot because I don’t want the competition to steal my ideas.)

@proteinfactory.com This post is for all the haters in the trolls out there who don’t think I saw wheel protein powder on person comment that I put some money in the bag. Well I’ve been doing this for 25 years buy direct from the manufacture as you can see right here this is 80% whey protein concentrate. Where is the bag that is the actual bag that you get that’s why we could sell it so inexpensive great stuff.#wheyprotein ♬ original sound – Protein Factory