Maximize The Anabolic Window & With These Two New Products

I have two new product announcements. The first is a product called Rilose. Some of your might remember this product if you a long-time Protein Factory customer. Rilose is a rice sugar that can be used for a few applications. The first is pre or post-workout. One should use Rilose instead of dextrose or maltodextrin, which both come from corn. Rilose comes from rice. That is what makes it so unique and effective. Rice is a highly digestible source of carbs. When I developed this product about a decade ago, I theorized that this product would be a better choice than using dextrose or maltodextrin. The result would be a better product to combine with protein pre or post-workout.

energy drink powder
Rilose is a great product to use with Creapure and Whey Protein

About a decade ago, nutrition experts, including myself, recommended dextrose and maltodextrin combined with hydrolyzed protein post-workout. At that time, it was the only “powdered” source of carb available. I saw this problem and started to developed other sources of powdered carbs. The first was Oatmuscle. To this day, it remains my best-selling carb powder. I call it the holy grail or carb powders; not only does it give one great results and tastes fantastic, but it is one of a kind. NOBODY can copy it, not even Optimum Nutrition, even though they tried. I just had to laugh when they came out with this product. They simply tossed in Oat Flour! Nice try, guys, but you’re not even close.

After Oatmuscle, Rilose was introduced. I did this because I always had a problem digesting corn products like dextrose and maltodextrin, but I knew I needed high GI carbs for the insulin spike. Rilose is the perfect carb to deliver this insulin spike needed during the anabolic window.

Here are some suggestions on how to use it.

1/4 cup of Rilose
1/3 cup of Total Frag, Hydro 520, or Salmobolic 98
1 tsp of Creapure

1/4 cup of Rilose
1/3 cup of German Whey Isolate
1 tsp of Creapure

32 oz of chocolate milk
1/4 cup of Rilose
1/4 cup of Total frag 250

32 oz of Pomegranate juice
1/8 cup of Rilose
1/4 cup of Peptopro

The next product I’m really excited about, Ion exchange whey protein isolate. This is a one-of-a-kind protein powder that contains more amino acids than microfiltration whey protein. Ion exchange whey isolate is a patented protein, and it was how whey isolate was first manufactured before microfiltration came along. It’s an unbelievably clean protein and can be used for virtually any type of protein supplementation.

Rilose and Ion exchange whey isolate will be available next week or the week after.