5 Must Supplements For the Newbie & Some That You Should Definitely Not Use

So you’re new to the muscle building world.  You just turned 16 and you looked in the mirror and you saw that you have ZERO muscle on your pencil frame.  Or you just got your first girlfriend and she said that you need to go to the gym. Maybe, you have always been in shape and the older you have gotten, the busier your career and family have made you meaning the less time you now spend at the gym. Where do you start? [clickToTweet tweet=”5 supplements musts for the newbie that wants to build muscle & not be sold on bull dinky” quote=” If you Google how to build muscle..forget about it. You’ll be overwhelmed with so much info your brain will explode. Let me give you a quick run down of what you need to start building muscle as far as supplements go. “] There is so much untrusted info out there about supplements and protein and this and that, it’s not even funny.  Here is what you should go out and buy.

  1. Protein.  You need protein to build muscle but you don’t have to buy a protein powder.  You can EAT 30 grams of protein for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and in between meals.  Have your momma make you some burgers, some eggs, or a nice juicy steak on the grill.  However you shouldn’t be a momma’s boy and try to grow up now because you’re reaching manhood.   So if you’re like me and hate to cook and want to make your life easier, yes, buy a protein powder.  For the newbie, the first protein powder you should buy is a whey isolate.  WHEY ISOLATE..not a blend of concentrate or isolate, it has to be an isolate…..UNFLAVORED.  Mix it with chocolate milk or Gatorade or another juice drink you like.  Use it mainly post workout.
  2. Mult-Vitamins.  Don’t use them.  They are a complete waste
  3. Omega fatty acids.  Don’t use them.  They are highly processed and I have yet to find a source I like
  4. Creatine.  No brainer here.  Creapure is the only one made in Germany, not China.   Thus Creapure is the only creatine you should use.  Use 1 tsp Post-workout with your protein
  5. Pre-workouts.  For God’s sake stay away from these.  Do not use them.  They all suck and are not good for you and do not help you gain muscle.   AT ALL!!
  6. Nitric Oxide Products.  99% of them suck, so don’t buy them.  Instead if you can, drink some beet juice
  7. Fat Burners.  These are not as bad of pre-workouts, but almost.  If you are trying to lose weight, learn how to eat right and workout FIRST before looking for a magic pill. There are some quality fat burners with branded ingredients to use, but make sure you do your research first.
  8. L-glutamine.  Another complete waste if you’re a newbie
  9. BCAA.  Again complete waste.

Recap.  So what should be in your “supplement cabinet”.

  1. Whey isolate.  get one that is 3rd party lab tested and does not have soy lecithin
  2. Creatine. only use creapure
  3. Spinach
  4. Beet juice
  5. Eggs


That’s all.  If you have these 5 things above, consume them frequently and stay away from sugar and workout hard. Well my newbie friend, you’re now on your way to becoming ARNOLD!!  And now you can be the JACKED ONE!![/wpsharely]