Top 7 Rules for Buying The Best Fat Burner For Women

Buying the best fat burner for women is not an easy thing to do.  You have so many fat burners on the market it is not even funny.  How do you know which one is the best if they are all claiming they are the best?  Do you look at the reviews?  Listen to your friends?  The answer is all NO!  If you want the best fat burner for women you have to turn to an expert like myself.  I am probably the world’s best supplement expert to listen to when it comes to buying supplements.  Most so-called experts, like Dr. OZ for example will give you the ingredient to try.  This does you absolutely no good!  Why?  Because he does not give you the BRAND to buy which is EVERYTHING!  A bad brand means a bad product.  It could be counterfeit, it could not contain what it is supposed to contain, it could contain ingredients from China.  If you want the best fat burner for women you need to rely on what you are about to read.

So you still want to buy a magic weight loss product from the internet in hopes that it will make you ripped or skinny like those people in the before and after pics in the magazine or on social media. Yeah, I know it’s hard not to believe those ads, especially when they say this… “It packs ingredients that are so incredibly effective at burning body fat that it’s not for the weak-hearted or undedicated”. (OMG, do people actually believe this shit? This is border line Barnum Bailey Bullshit) Fine. But here are some simple rules that will help you out from buying some shitty Chinese loading product that may or may not destroy your liver or put you in the hospital. (Yes, that does happen)

My Rules for Buying a Weight Loss Pill Product & Getting The Best Fat Burner For Women

The funny thing with weight loss products is that there are just so many. Just by scanning the internet you can find over 100,000 different products. And why are there so many? Because none of them work. Well some may work, but they are very, very weak. If you are an unknowing consumer, you buy one product and it doesn’t work, so what do you do in desperation, you try another product from another company claiming that they have just created the “ultimate fat burner that makes all others obsolete”!!! Give me a break, each diet product I looked at in a recent muscle magazine claims to be “the most potent you’ll ever try” and promises “to melt the fat off you”, HA! fat chance (no pun intended).

Rule #1.

Stay away from kitchen sink supplements. Kitchen sink supplements are weight loss products with a ton of nutraceuticals tossed into the capsule. It is made to make you think that, “Wow look at all these ingredients I’m getting!!“ A good quality weight loss capsule will have only 1 to 3 ingredients. Anything more is impossible because either the product will just get too expensive to make or the dosage will be too low. For example the nutraceutical Cactinea. The clinical study calls for 2 grams per day. So in order to cut costs, a supplement company will only put 250mg into their product. They will put Cactinea on the label but not put the amount. Or they will put the amount in hopes you never look at the actual clinical study, which 99% of people don’t. I mean come on, is some college chick wanting to buy a weight loss product actually going to do any research? (I don’t think so). Kitchen sink supplements by far are the worst. It’s like chugging down a crazy cocktail of Chinese made powders. These products suck. Most of them simply contain caffeine to make it feel like it’s working.


Rule #2.

If it sounds like some sort of drug sounding name or relating to ephedrine don’t use it. For example, Beta-Methoxy- Phenylethylamine, Methylselenocysteine, Synephrine, DL-Phenylalanine. I mean come on people, what the hell is this stuff?! Are these products being made by pharmaceutical manufacturers in the United States? Nope, they are made by some company in China. The Chinese are turning out alternatives to ephedrine faster than I can finish this article. The FDA can’t keep up with them. But the Chinese manufacturers of these products contact the supplement company’s and convince them to put this new special ingredient in their weight loss product. And of course most supplement company’s don’t give a shit about your health. They want to make you believe that they are cutting edge. These products can and WILL kill you. But hey, at least you would have lost weight, you might be 6ft under but you‘ll weigh less!! I went on today (January 2nd, 2010 and found in the top 5 best selling products without stimulants a product containing Usnic Acid. You can easily do a Google search on Usnic Acid and find very negative effects from it. But hey the company that selling it is getting rich playing Russian roulette with your health. Assholes!!

Rule #3.

Make sure it has a branded ingredient in the ingredient deck if you want the best fat burner for women, as I previously listed. Branded ingredients on the back of a weight loss supplement are easy to find. That new Kardashian product believe it or not does have a branded ingredient in it. So at least that product has some quality behind it. P.S. watch out for alternatives. For example, Green Tea Extract or EGCG. The BEST in the world is from DSM branded Teavigo. But of course it’s expensive. So what do the supplement company’s do? They simply call up Foo-Fung Chow from Beijing and ask him to supply them with EGCG similar to Teavigo, “No problem”, says Mr. Chow, “I make it for you at 75% less the cost”. “Great” says, Mr. Supplement company owner. Next thing you know it’s in his weight loss product.


Rule #4

Make sure it comes from a reputable company. NOT!! There are barely any reputable company’s selling weight loss products! So I’m not going to make that a rule!! Ha Ha!!

Google this. “FDA recalls weight loss supplement” You’ll find hundreds of supplement companies that spike their products with real drugs. Even the biggest of the big supplement company’s choose to use Chinese nutraceuticals over branded ingredients.

Rule #5

Don’t rely on what OTHER people have told you. I have been reading the internet message boards since the inception of the internet. There are so many wanna-be’s and self proclaimed experts posting on these forums it’s not even funny. And they all post messages like they know for sure what they are talking about. So I highly recommend NOT relying on the internet when choosing a weight loss product to buy. 99% of people posting on message boards know nothing about supplement manufacturing.

Rule #6

Buy a weight loss supplement with ONLY ONE branded ingredient. For example. Go out and buy yourself Garcinia Cambogia as I have recommended before. Then go to the Super CitriMax website, (which I have provided the link) and use it as THEY recommend, not how some self-proclaimed expert on forum tells you. Then use it and see if it works. If it doesn’t, you know it didn’t work for you and then you can move on to the next branded ingredient.

If you want to find more weight loss supplements and the best fat burner for women, that are only one branded ingredient, what you do is go to the website links I provided for these ingredients. Then contact them and ask them where can you buy their products. They will be happy to tell you.

Rule #7.

Don’t expect any miracles.

Even the branded ingredients I mentioned in my opinion are very weak products. What I mean by that is even if you took these supplements as directed, the weight loss you can expect is going to be very minimal. Therefore don’t rely on weight loss products for your weight loss. Macronutrients is the key and WILL POWER is everything. So if you want to lose fat quit eating processed foods and eat clean. Maybe hire a personal trainer to teach you the right exercises to do for your body.

Take a look at this, a girlfriend of mine eats this stuff for 2 months before a photo shoot or any expos she attends to get cut. She’s got a six pack and an ass that looks like an apple.

Here is what she eats.

Chicken, lean beef, egg whites, tuna, greens, yams, and 1 gallon of water a day. The supplements she uses are protein powder (of course protein

Personal trainers are good for will power. They tell you what to eat and if you stray from your diet they kick your ass. If you’re in the N.Y.C. area use Brian Hernandez over at VIP fitness. He’ll whip your ass into shape.

Now if you have any will power, see if you can eat what my girlfriend eats for 2 months straight. And no there are no cheat days! This is 100% of the time. Because THAT is what it takes to lose body fat. Not these bullshit diets or pills, or stupid Oprah recommendations. If you choose to buy a non-branded ingredient sold by one of these know nothing supplement company’s your playing Russian roulette with your own health. And I guarantee you after one bottle you won’t buy another bottle again of the same stuff. Unless it’s a stimulant containing product and you just like the jolt you get from it. Don’t believe me, or think that it could never happen to you, think again. Do a good search for this. “death from using weight loss supplement”, and let me know what you find.


In conclusion if you are looking for the best fat burner for women I would suggest that you read this article before buying ANY supplement.

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