Human Growth Hormone (HGH Supplements) & Why They Suck

If you are looking to buy HGH supplements there are essentially three ways you can go.

  1.  Buy real human growth hormone.  Which is a drug or prescription and cost thousands of bucks.
  2. Buy natural human growth hormone supplements, which quite frankly, will not work.
  3. Buy a new class of products called SARMS.  Which stands for select androgen receptor modulator.  There is a product called Mk-677 or Nutrobol.  This will help you raise HGH levels.  The only product that I recommend buying is one from Proven Peptides.  The company that makes this does 3rd party lab testing on their products.  Click on the image below to buy it.

Proven Peptides


There are natural testosterone supplements that I can honestly say are the “best natural test supplements.” However, I cannot give you the best HGH supplements on the market because quite frankly they all suck.

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Two drugs bodybuilders use to increase muscle mass are anabolic steroids and human growth hormone. Both work to increase muscle mass quickly and effectively. Therefore nutraceutical manufacturers have tried to find natural compounds that can elevate testosterone levels in the body. Nutraceutical manufacturers (not supplement companies) have come out with several products that help raise testosterone levels in the body. Whether or not that equates to an increase in muscle mass is another story, but products such as Tribulus, LJ100, and Testofen have some decent research concluding that they work. It would only make sense to have natural growth hormone supplements as well, to compliment the testosterone supplements. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the best HGH supplements. Nutraceutical companies have not been able created a natural product to help increase human growth hormone that would effectively benefit the user. A few can help raise growth hormone levels but nothing that I would spend my money on. All of these human growth hormone releasing supplements marketed to bodybuilders and youth seekers are nothing short of a scam. What alarms me the most is the amount of scientific bullshit that these companies go through to try to prove to you that their HGH supplements will help you build muscle mass.

For example, I first went over to one of the largest sellers of sports nutrition products, and looked for human growth hormone supplements. I came to a page that was titled, “The Best Human Growth Hormone Supplements.”

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That would make one believe that they indeed found HGH pills that work.  And that these HGH pills can actually be a growth hormone booster.  However, this page should have been titled, “Growth Hormone Supplements That Don’t Do Anything.”

I scanned through the HGH pills and most of them fall into a few categories. The ones that use amino acids like L-arginine and L-orthinine. The ones that use crazy sounding products like deer antlers, and pituitary gland extracts, and the ones that I have no clue what they contain. Even though all of these supplements AND claim they are the best HGH supplements, none of them will do anything to help you build muscle.

Next I simply Googled, “Best HGH supplements” and came across at least 20 or more companies claiming to have the best HGH supplements. Again, the scientific bullshit marketing is very deep. They site studies, research, testimonials, and more to try to convince you to buy their products. However the common denominator with them all is none of them will help you build muscle mass.

In conclusion, if I’m trying to grow muscle mass the first thought into my brain is not, “What is the best HGH supplement to get?” Instead, typically when I’m looking to use supplements to enhance my muscle growth, it usually goes something like this.

What proteins should I get?
Where is the organic produce section?
How can I make hemp oil taste any better?
What can I use to increase my testosterone naturally?

Never will you see me ask myself…”Where can I get a good human growth hormone supplement or what is the best HGH supplement? or “Who has the best HGH pills?”.  I’ve been selling supplements for about 20 years, and I never recalled selling an HGH supplement. I never sold an HGH supplement for a few reasons.

1) HGH supplements have never been proven to be beneficial as far as muscle growth is concerned. You cannot find one single study showing that taking XYZ HGH supplement increased muscle mass.

2) Even though some may possibly raise human growth hormone, that does not mean it will automatically help with muscle growth.

3) Most of them are kitchen sink formulas instead of one ingredient that could help elevate growth hormone levels for a short time in the body. Keep in mind that again; these will do nothing to help increase muscle mass or make you look younger

If you want a long-shot HGH pill that would technically be classified as the best HGH supplement, it would be Alpha GPC. Studies have found that it does increase growth hormone levels in the body.

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However, I would not buy this before protein, veggies, creatine, dietary fats, and testosterone boosters….

Keep in mind that if you use HGH peptides you want to combine it with a high protein intake.  I suggest getting a cheap protein powder, but one of high quality.  Here is what i recommend.