Here is my top 9 best weight gain pills for men or women.  There is absolutely no difference between a man and a women when it comes to gaining weight.  Anyone that suggests there is a difference has no idea what they are talking about and they are just trying to scam you.

Gaining weight is easy for most people, but for some, gaining weight is not easy.  If you have an ectomorph body type or fast metabolism, gaining weight is hard to do.  No matter what they do, ectomorph’s cannot seem to gain weight.  Or maybe you have a medical condition or even cancer and you are just looking to gain weight.  No matter what if you are looking to gain weight and are in search for the best weight gain pills on the market, look no further because I have put together a top 9 list that will give you some results finally.

Just so you know, I have been manufacturing supplements for 20 years.  I am an expert in formulation and sourcing ingredients.  I hold two patents for supplements that I invented, and I am also well versed in the FDA 111’s for dietary supplements.  Therefore you can trust my opinion when it comes to the best weight gain pills for men or women.  Unlike most articles on the internet that are written by wannabe and self-proclaimed supplement experts.

best weight gain pills for men or women

The Top 9 Best Weight Gain Pills For Men Or Women

9.  Testosterone Supplements.  My last choice in my top 9 best weight gain pills list is testosterone supplements.  Most testosterone supplements simply do not work.  The problem with them is that even though they MIGHT raise your testosterone for a few minutes, this short burst of rising in free testosterone will not have any effect on the body or will help you gain weight.   Nelson Montana, supplement expert, describes how testosterone pills do not work in this podcast.

However, some testosterone supplements can be beneficial to a certain degree, that is why they made my list.

8.  Arachidonic Acid.  This is a good supplement patented by Molecular Nutrition.  You can use this in conjunction with an increased protein diet and creatine supplements to help you gain weight.  However, don’t expect any miracles. 

7.  CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) CLA is an old supplement that has been around for almost 20 years.  Many supplement companies that sell it claim that it is an effective weight loss ingredient.  However, it is not.  The companies that manufacturer CLA claim that it is effective for weight loss, but after decades of not producing real-world results, the verdict is in.  CLA is weak at best.  Instead, CLA can be used as a weight gain pill.  Why?  Becaue it is 100% fat.  Fat yields 9 calories per gram.  Each CLA pill is about 15 calories or 1.5 grams.  Therefore you can consume 10 to 20 pills per day in divided dosages and get yourself an extra 150 calories per day.  CLA is also very healthy for you.  It has anti-cancer benefits and may help support muscle protein synthesis, which in turn would also help you can weight.  If you are going to buy CLA I suggest anything that uses the Tonalin brand of CLA.  You’ll notice this when you see “Tonalin” written inside the supplement facts panel.  If you do not get this brand, most likely you’ll get low-quality CLA from China.

6.  Hemp Oil Gels.  Hemp oil is one of nature’s most complete dietary fats.  It contains 3,6,9 and GLA fatty acids.  Additionally, it contains 9 calories per gel, so you can take them to get the extra calories.  

5.  Krill Oil Gel Caps.  Krill oil is a dietary fat as well, so you will get the calories from the gels.  But recently krill oil has been proven to build muscle.  If you’re an ectomorph or want to gain muscle this is a perfect supplement for you to use and a great one to put on my best weight gain pills top 9 list.  Here is the study

4.  Protease Enzyme Supplements.  If you want to gain weight, you better increase your protein intake.  Increasing your protein intake, along with exercising with weights is THE best way to gain weight.  There are enzyme supplements you can use along with protein powders and meals that contain protein that will help you assimilate more amino acids.  The more amino acids that you have in your bloodstream the more anabolic you will be.  The more anabolic you are, the faster you will gain muscle and hence gain weight fast.  Here is the best enzyme supplement I recommend.

3.  Fish Oil Gels.  Fish oil gels are 100% fat.  Therefore by consuming this supplement, you will be giving yourself extra calories needed to gain weight.  The good thing about fish oil gels is that they are also inexpensive, so you can consume a lot of them without having to worry about emptying your wallet.  However, when purchasing fish oil you must be very careful because if you buy low-quality fish oil you will doing yourself more harm than good.  In a previous article, I have written about buying high-quality fish oil.  I created a BEST fish oil supplement list.  I suggest purchasing fish oil from one of my recommended companies.

2.  Hydrolyzed Salmon Protein Pills.  These are the best protein pills to gain weight.  When it comes to gaining weight, protein is your #2 choice.  You want protein powders like whey isolate and hydrolyzed protein powders.  (#1 is dietary fat).  Hydrolyzed Salmon protein Pills are for those that are looking for high-quality weight gain protein pills that consist of protein and amino acids.  However, if you can, try to go with the powder available here.

Finally, the best weight gain pill for men or women that I rank #1 is…

The German Weight Gain Chewable Tablets (see pic below)

These chewable creatine tablets are perfect for anyone wanting to gain weight.

Creatine Tablets | 300 Tablets | Chewable Lemon Tart Flavor



A user of these tablets can expect to gain about 5 to 10 lbs in 30 to 60 days.  Each unit of tablets will last two months.  

Without a doubt, this is an awesome product to use if you’re a man or a woman.  Creatine has been proven to be an effective supplement for those looking to gain weight fast and put on muscle mass.  At only a dose of about 3 grams per day, you can consume this in a chewable tablet form.  It is best to use these weight gain pills with a high carbohydrate meal or with a whey protein powder.  In a perfect world, you want to consume a protein shake with fruit and veggies blended up with creatine post-workout.  

The instructions are to use 3 chewable tablets per day.  After 1 or 2 months, a weight gain of at least 5 to 10 lbs is very common with users.  Combine these creatine tablets with protein and exercise and that will give one the best chance to increase weight. 

Weight Gain Pill Stack

Now that you know the best pills to gain weight, the next step is to know how to use them.  

Here is the stack I would recommend for maximum weight gain.  

  1.  3 Creapure tablets per day  
  2. 6 fish oil gels
  3. 6 hemp oil gels
  4. 10 to 20 protein pills  (however using powder is 10X better)

What To Avoid When Trying To Gain Weight

  1.  Soy protein.  I still see soy products and soy protein powder being sold today as a health product.  Soy is horrible.  Do not use it.  Watch out for it hidden in health foods.  Especially protein bars.
  2. Sugar and artificial sweeteners.  Bad news all around.  When trying to gain weight fast you want to gain muscle, not fat.  Consuming sugar and sweeteners will only help you gain fat.
  3. Cardio.  Unless you’re training to win a gold medal at the next Olympics, stop doing cardio.  It is a waste of time.  Instead, when you lift weights, just take short rest between sets and you’ll be getting all your metabolic training done at the same time you lift.
  4. Weight gain pills that contain multiple ingredients with vitamins in them and herbs.   These are completely useless.  Vitamins and herbs will not help you gain weight at all.  When it comes to gaining weight, CALORIES, protein, and lifting weight is the ONLY thing that works (well anabolic steroids and SARMS to, but I don’t recommend them).

In conclusion, the best weight gain pills for men or women will contain FAT, protein, or creatine.  However, if you think that using weight gain pills over powders is the way to go…you’re barking up the wrong tree.  Always, and I mean always, go with powders and liquid oils overweight gain pills.  Your success rate will be much higher.  Not only that but it will be much cheaper money-wise.  In fact, as an ectomorph myself, I found it pretty easy using protein powders and dietary fat oils to gain weight.

Did you know that consuming 1 table of a dietary oil like hemp oil will have 129 calories!  Therefore taking 3 to 4 tbs in your protein shake will give you an extra 400 to 500 calories!!  See my point.

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