Don’t Be Fooled By “Resurgence Supplements”

There seems to be a resurgence with essential amino acids being sold by supplement companies and supplement distributors. However, this is what the supplement industry does when their fad-products stops selling and they need to come out with a new fad to sell more products. They resurrect an old one that died out in the past because it was a waste, but it happened so long ago a new batch of suckers is out there waiting to be sold, and they fall prey.

That is the case that is happening right now with essential amino acids. However, do not bother with this garbage. Essential amino acids are a complete waste unless your allergic to dairy, egg, beef, fish, rice, corn, or pretty much anything else.

The problem is that these marketing companies are so slick they do a great job at bullshitting to think that essential amino acid supplements are better than protein.

For example, someone sent me a chart yesterday showing how great EAA is because their net protein utilization is off the charts. I was like, “net protein utilization”???? That scientific method to measure protein quality is as old as dirt. It is entirely obsolete, but the slick supplement companies don’t care. They know most people are not up to date on protein quality testing. It’s easy “pickins” for the supplement companies.

Luckily for you, you’re an avid reader of my emails, and I’ll alert you when I smell bull dong.

The DIAA or Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score is the most up to date method to measure protein quality. Nothing else should be used but that if you want to know what the best quality protein is for muscle building and sports nutrition. Milk protein powder, which is the same protein powder found in my Muscle Shake, is #1, followed by whey protein isolate. Keep in mind I have not seen a hydrolyzed protein tested using the DIAA method. But I would assume a hydrolyzed whey protein isolate like my 520 would be higher than a regular whey protein isolate.

So please do not use essential amino acid supplements. There is ZERO point in using them. And don’t be fooled by the latest marketing BS by other supplement companies.