Drinking Whey Protein Powder Makes You Smarter?

I found a good research study the other day on whey protein.  Essentially what the study showed was that using whey protein powder can help improve brain function, which in turn assists in recovery.  Can you hypothesize from this research study that whey protein will make you smarter and more athletic?  I believe so.  I play a lot of hockey. Well, 2 nights a week I consider a lot of hockey.  I would play more if I could, but I have the family thing to do.  But I know that when I get tired at the end of a shift, when I’ve skated back and forth up and down the rink for 2 minutes straight, I cannot “play” as good as I can.  Is that my brain shutting down my athletic functions because I simply cannot get enough oxygen to my body and muscles?  Without question, when you are totally winded, you cannot perform at your best.  That is why we train to get in “shape”.  If the athlete is in shape, he can perform better.  So does this study mean that if you use whey protein you will improve your performance because your brain can function better?  I think so.  I think this study proves another “unknown” benefit of whey protein powder, besides just its high BCAA content that everyone buys it for.  Not only does whey protein powder help build muscle, but it supports a healthy brain.  Keep in mind this study was done with plain ol’ whey protein concentrate.   Imagine if they used hydrolyzed whey protein powder, like my hydrolyzed 520, Peptopro, or silk cocoon protein?

whey protein smarter

Now how do we relate this to building more muscle?  Recently to get into better shape playing hockey to keep up with all of these 20 something-year-olds, I started to take these full body training classes at my gym.  Essentially for 1 hour straight, you work each body part.  After about 20 minutes I am drenched in sweat and doubled over huffing and puffing for oxygen.  So I ask myself, would consuming a hydrolyzed whey protein pre-workout help with my brain function?  Over the next couple of weeks I am going to experiment with using hydrolyzed whey protein 520 pre-workout and see what happens.  I might even consume some silk cocoon as well pre-workout and see how I feel.