From the Research and Development Desk: New Proteins & Much More!

From the Research and Development Desk

I have been working on a ton of new products. I will describe the development products the best I can without divulging too much. I do not want my competition to steal my ideas. 

Clear whey protein isolate.  

This is pretty self-explanatory. It is whey protein that, when mixed with a spoon, looks like almost water. Very little quality difference, but this one is just aesthetics and mouth feel.  

Insect protein powder

Again, self self-explanatory, but I think it is worth carrying. Technically it is a meat protein.  

Anabolic Oil

You might have seen me in the past mentioning this one. However the price makes it unsellable. I’m balking on this one. I have found a different oil that I can use. You might ask why this is different. The problem is the oils today are vegetable oils, which are not that great. Hemp is excellent stuff, but it is tough to use. Flax is ok but does contain phytoestrogens. MCT sucks, unless you like shitting yourself. This oil is neither of the above. 

Freeze Dried Colostrum.

I like it because it is freeze dried. Protein subfractions are not that high as blood plasma, but it is decent.

Bio Serum 2

Yes, in the works!!!

Probiotics and Prebiotics.

Shown to help with protein absorption. Of course I’ll carry the best of these.

Plasma Io Protein

Next, if all goes well, I will bring in this new protein powder. It is made by Plasma Nutrition and they have a process that they use with whey protein and other proteins to make them more absorbable.  Check it out here.

Bodybuilding Food

Last but not least, I am developing a really cool food product. This one is a blast to do. Not my priority, but once it comes out, people are going to go crazy for it. Such a good idea!!