The Dynamic Duo Of Fat Burning Supplements Will Melt The Fat Off!

Now that the holidays are coming to a close it is time to burn off some of that fat that you accumulated.  This can be done simply by busting your ass in the gym and eating less.  Two painful activities to say the least.  But the good news is that a few months ago I introduced two, of what I feet, are the best fat burning supplements on the market.  They are Capsimax and Kinetiq with Citrus Aurantium.   These two fat burning supplements work by supporting and increasing metabolism and helping increase thermogenesis, which are both the keys to fat loss.

fat burning stack

Make no mistake about it, without working out and busting your ass in some way or another, you are not going to lose body fat.  You cannot swallow a magic pill and sit on the couch and expect the weight to fall off.  Same goes for the other side of the coin, you DO NOT have to take a fat burner to burn fat.  You simply need to bust your ass in some way, shape or form.

However by combing Capsimax and Kinetiq, burning fat will be a lot easier.  A helluva lot easier.  The moment you take these two products and start working out you will start to sweat more.  This is the thermogenic effect.  My wife and stepdaughter noticed this right away when they both started using these products together.

How To Use This Stack

30 minutes before you workout take 1 serving of each.

Do not use caffeine!!

Do not use a pre workout with caffeine.  Instead use something that actually will be healthy for you and beneficial like my Mod6 or Tectanic Red.

Check out one of my customer’s testimonials on this stack as well.