The Best Fat Burning Stack (s) On The Market

The best fat burning stack and stacks are now available.  Yes bold claim I know, but not one single company has put together the fat burning stacks that I have put together.  Being a supplement expert and an industry expert for almost 20 years, I know who makes the best fat loss ingredients.  Or the technical proper term is components.  And that is the bottom line, knowing the ingredients in a particular supplement and who makes that particular ingredient.

I have been buying, manufacturing, and selling fat loss components for a long time and I know which ones are the best to combine to make the best fat burning stack to fit your needs.   If you have not read my supplement reviews yet, I suggest that you do so because you’ll know that it is not the supplement company so much that you are analyzing when looking for the best fat burning stack, it is the ingredients and whom is making them.  For example Coleus forskolin a weight loss component, and the brand that is the highest quality of Forslean.

I have broken down the fat burning stack (s) into a few categories and then you can decide which one is best for you.

If you want the best fat burning stack you want two supplements that actually help you BURN fat through increased thermogenesis and metabolic support.  The best two products on the market is the capsicum and citrus aurantium.   Click here for more info and video testimonial.

fat burning stack

The first stack is my appetite suppressant stack.  This stack contains 2 ingredients that really help reduce the appetite.  The first ingredient is Satiereal, and the second ingredient is citicoline.  


Keep in mind what I just said above.  These are not your generic, garbage supplements that sells for $9.99.  These are validated by clinical research to help you reduce your appetite.  If you are going to buy a appetite suppressant supplement these two are your top choices no questions asked.  If you buy anything else you are simply not getting the best, you’re getting generic rip offs from China.  You would chose this stack if you feel that your urge to eat over powers your will not to eat.  If you use this stack you want to help yourself out.  Meaning, in addition to taking these supplements you want to eat and exercise.  For your the foods that you chose, my philosophy is quite simple.

  1. No sugar
  2. No trans fat
  3. No fried food
  4. No artificial sweeteners
  5. No soy products
  6. No nitrates

Those are the basics.  Diving a little more deeper

  1. no processed carbs like Gatorade & Snapple
  2. Eat lots of veggies
  3. Train with free weights.

It is not rocket science.  Do these things and you’ll lose weight.  The appetite suppressant stack will help you lose weight because you’ll be eating less.  Less calories, equals more weight loss if you use more energy than you consume.

Next in the Best Fat Burning Stack (s) category is my starter stack, which gives the users of this fat loss stack supplements that work in different ways to help with weight loss.

best fat burning stack

This is a great fat loss supplement stack as you have weight loss help from all three different mechanisms.  Appetite suppression, metabolic activity, and increased energy and lean muscle mass. Keep in mind what you will not notice is a lot of stimulants like DMAA or caffeine.  I believe both of these “drugs” are not good for weight loss.  Weight loss supplements, or all supplements really should be healthy for you.  Not only should they help you lose weight, but they should be beneficial to your overall health.  You’ll notice that the supplements in this fat loss stack all have additional benefits besides the ones dealing with weight loss.  Citicoline is very healthy for you brain function.  Teavigo is a great anti-oxidant as well.

The last stack is my Insulin control stack.   This might be the most effective stack in my “best fat burning stack” category.  You see insulin is one of the biggest enemies when it comes to the battle against fat loss.  Insulin increase fat stores, prevents fat from being burned as fat, and increases fat stores.  Insulin becomes a big problem in weight loss when you consume sugars and high glycemic carbs.  When you consume these types of carbs your insulin levels go up putting your body in a state of a potential to increase bodyfat.

More information on the hormone insulin can be found here.

The supplements in our Insulin Control Stack are meant to help aid the body to control levels of sugar in the blood.  Each one has been proven to in their very own special mechanism to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood.  This means more fat will be burned for energy, which equates to more fat lost.  The storage of fat in the body will also begin to be burned as fat.




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