Fantastic Customer Review

One of my customers emailed me the other day to say thank you for selling awesome products.  Last Black Friday he bought a boatload of products off of me.  Needless to say I think it paid off.

He specifically gave thanks for the Capsimax for helping him get more shredded.

Here is the review.

Dear Alex,

I don’t have the genetics to put on muscle mass, so I focused on becoming lean.  I went through the following stages:

  1. Cardio – Started doing a lot more cardio in the hopes that would push my bodyfat levels down. Doing cardio significantly increases my appetite so whatever calories I burned I would just eat. 
  2. Caffeine – I started taking pre-workout supplements laced with caffeine in the hopes that would increase my energy levels.  If I took too much I would get jittery but even regular doses


    my head cloudy.  Never led to better workouts or better pumps.  (I should have just listened to Alex!)

  3. Coffee – More natural way to obtain caffeine and I did not get the cloudy feeling but since I work out early mornings, making coffee was


    I did not have and buying coffee became expensive and inconvenient.  The extra time I sat in the dentist chair having coffee stains removed from my teeth was something I wanted to avoid as well.

  4. Eating hot peppers.  When I was younger I could eat almost anything.  My stomach was

    iron clad

    .  But as I have gotten older (now 45) something happened and I would get wicked burn if I eat hot peppers.  Talk about something uncomfortable to try and train through.

No matter what I tried, my bodyfat levels remained at 13% and thought that was simply as lean as I would get.  I only buy my protein at protein factory because I trust what’s in the bag!  I noticed Alex started selling Capsimax and read his review.  Love the one ingredient in the bottle as opposed to the kitchen sink so I figured I would give it a try, especially at the great pricing Protein Factory offers.

I could not be happier with the results!  I finally got my bodyfat down to 8%!  As I said, I am 45 years old and burning fat SHOULD be harder but I am the leanest I have ever been.  All this without the burn of eating hot peppers and it is much more convenient to take!  For optimum results you need to follow a healthy diet as well but adding Capsimax allowed me to finally achieve single digit bodyfat!

Anyone in the market to lose weight needs to try Capsimax!