The Best Exercise To Get A Bigger Booty

In this article, I will show you my favorite exercise to get a bigger booty. Building your glutes is more than just squats and lunges- it’s a combination of eating protein filled foods as well as lifting heavy. When I say heavy, I mean HEAVY. There are many complications and different opinions when it comes to building your glutes. Personally, I have seen the most progress from lifting heavy with a steady, protein filled diet. There is much speculation with this because people believe you need to work solely on isolation exercises and resistance workouts. Yes, these two other ways do work, but they will tone your glutes more, rather than build them. I learned this from trial and error.

You Must Go Heavy

I spent almost six months solely doing isolating exercises, kickbacks and kettlebell swing squats, for example. When I compared a before and after picture, I found that my glutes did not get bigger, but they got insanely toned. When I started pushing my limits and lifting more than I thought I ever could, I noticed growth. It’s definitely a slow process, but I promise you, it works.

Below are some of my favorite workouts that I do when I hit glutes. Like I said earlier, lifting heavy is the goal, however, mixing heavy lifting in with resistance training, activation training, and isolation is what makes the BEST glute workout.

Exercises To Get A Bigger Booty

  1. Sumo Deadlifts- 5 times until failure. Start with your legs more than shoulder width apart with your toes pointed slightly outward. With your hands parallel from your shoulders on the bar, squat and pull the bar upward with your legs. You should lift until your back and chest is straight up.
  2. Squats- 10×5. This is my favorite exercise to get a bigger booty. Start with the bar centered on your shoulder blades. With your feet shoulder width apart, squat down to a comfortable position, hold, and push back up using your quads and hamstrings.
  3. Cable Wire Squats- 10×5. On an elevated surface, start with a straight bar in your hands at chest level. Squat down and back up without moving the straight bar from the original placement.
  4. Side Step Ups- 10×5 on each leg. Start with you leg on an elevated surface. Use the elevated leg, your glutes specifically to push your body up and slowly step back down again.
  5. Incline Cable Reverse Lunge- 8×4 each leg. Start with the straight bar connected to the cable up at your chest level. Start with both feet on an elevated surface, and step backwards and down with one leg at a time. You should be pushing back upward using your quads and glutes.

My favorite exercise to get a bigger booty is squats. If you go heavy often enough you will see some good results.

best exercise to get a bigger booty
My favorite exercise to get a bigger booty is the….squat!!

Also I mentioned that you should increase your protein intake. I recommend getting either the Muscle Shake or the Native Whey and make a protein shake that contains these proteins, flavored milk or juice, and creatine.