Squats For Women | Firm and Round

Squats For Women.

Squatting isn’t a hard task. Don’t exclude this exercise because you don’t know how or Can’t lift the weight. Squats are important to really rounding out the gluten and tightening the muscle. It’s also important to know that it’s not always about the weight but the motion that makes this exercise so important. I been doing squats for over 3 years and I don’t do a back break amount of weight. Keeping your chest up and shoulder back with a flat back the motion is all in your hips make sure to break a 90 and push from your heels back up. To tone the muscle you would want to go right back into the motion like this video. If you are working to build strength you would pause at the seated position and hold before the next rep.

To make this workout effective do.
5 sets of 8
and 2 sets of 6 with a 10 pound increase