Top 10 Reasons Why Most Pre Workout Supplements Suck

The pre workout supplement craze all began with a product called Jack3d, which contained an illegal ingredient called DMAA.  Since then, the pre workout category has exploded in popularity.  The supplement industry had brain washed muscle building enthusaists into thining that pre workouts supplements are needed to build muscle and strength.  However nothing can be further from the truth.  Not one single study has shown that ANY pre workout supplement (those containing stimulants) increases muscle mass.  I never recommend a pre workout supplement that contains stimulants.  I believe they are counter productive, catabolic, and fat promoting.  Therefore let me give you the top 10 reasons by pre workout supplements suck.

  1.  They contain caffeine.  Caffeine releases cortisol in the body, which is a catabolic hormone.  Catabolic hormones promote fat storage and muscle wasting.
  2. They mix caffeine and creatine.  Most common pre workout supplements combine caffeine and creatine.  Caffeine reduces the effects of creatine.  Combining them is not very smart at all.  Take a look at c4 pre workout supplement.  As you can see, it contains caffeine and creatine.

c4 pre workout side effects

3.  They don’t contain anything actually beneficial for working out.  Most common pre workout supplements contain a few ingredients that really do not help you whatsoever with working out.  The body’s MAIN source of energy is carbs, not amino acids or a particular vitamin.

4.  They are addictive.  Caffeine addiction is real and can happen to you.  Most of these common pre workout supplements contain massive doses of caffeine.  Ranging from 100mg to 300mg.

5.  Some still contain DMAA.  Even though the FDA has declared DMAA an illegal ingredient, supplement companies are still using it in their supplements.

6.  Most do not contain an inorganic nitrates, which is proven to aid in workout energy and increase vasodilation.

7.  The pre workouts that contain caffeine, act as a vasoconstrictor, decreases pumps.

8.  Most contain ingredients that are underdosed.  Common pre workout supplements like c4 contain ingredients that are dusted in to make the label “appeal” better to the potential buyer.  However the potential buyer does not typically know what the correct dosage should be.  They simply see it on the label and come to the conclusion that the supplement company is correctly giving him the correct dose.  Meanwhile, they are getting a dose that will be ineffective.  The supplement company increases their profit margin, the consumer decreases the money in his wallet.

9.  They increase bodyfat. Because caffeine releases cortisol in the body, one has a higher potential to store body fat, especially if you’re a women.  Women gained fat more easily then men.  Increasing that potential by increases ones caffeine intake is not a good idea.

10.  Pre workout side effects (c4 pre workout and many more).  Without a doubt many pre workout supplements cause side effects.  Many supplement companies put in ingredients that are not even listed on the label.  The FDA has issued a warning to one supplement that contained DMAA, but did not list it on the label.

Other pre workout side effects include.

  • Allergy. Supplements like Cellucor C4 Extreme have been known to cause allergic reactions. …
  • Headache. Headaches are among the common C4 extreme side effects. …
  • Vomiting and Nausea. …
  • Tingling of Skin. …
  • Tunnel Vision. …