Incredible Hydrolyzed Proteins For Muscle Growth

When a customer calls me or texts me and asks me what are the best protein’s that I offer,  I usually respond with a question myself.  What do you need the protein for?  How concerned are you about taste?  Do you have a budget?  But regardless of those questions I typically tell people what my favorite proteins are.  And, quite frankly, are my most underrated proteins.

Two of my most underrated but most effective proteins are my Advanced BCAA  and Leucine Peptides.  These two proteins I consider true protein supplements.  They are manufactured in a way to have higher levels of amino acids that play crucial roles at increasing protein synthesis which, can result in greater and faster increases in lean muscle mass and fat loss.

Proteinfactory’s Advanced BCAA is not your typical BCAA supplement.  As a matter of fact, truthfully, it is a hydrolyzed whey protein isolate.  And that is the best thing about this hydrolyzed whey protein powder.  When I first was pondering what I should call this product and how I should market it, I was torn because really it is a hydrolyzed whey protein isolate.  But what is remarkable about this product is that it is up of 50% BCAA’s.  Regular whey protein isolate or whey protein concentrate, naturally, is made up of around 30% BCAA’s.  That is what makes whey protein such a powerful muscle building protein powder.  Most people forget about this simple fact.  The simple fact is that BCAA’s are the building blocks of muscle.  


Advanced BCAA not only is a whey protein powder, AND pre-digested, but it contains 20% MORE BCAA’s than normal whey protein powders.  It truly is a “high-tech” whey protein isolate.  If you had the budget and the lack of taste buds, you would want treat Advanced BCAA like a normal protein powder.  Technically, you can take 30 grams of Advanced BCAA and gulp it down.  It will give all the amino acids that a whey isolate or whey concentrate will, but it will give you 20% more BCAA’s.  That is why I like to call this powder, “BCAA’s on steroids”.  I would love to see some research studies on this protein powder.  It is a very different powder than anything in existence today.

leucine peptides

Leucine Peptides

Next is our Leucine Peptides.  One of my favorite powders and one that I feel can truly be an anabolic supplement.  The amino acid leucine has been proven to be THE amino acid in supporting muscle protein synthesis.  Whey protein helps build lean muscle mass effectively because it contains this essential muscle-building amino acid in high amounts.  However, keep in mind, the muscle gains achieved with whey protein are not achieved by supplementing with the free form amino acid leucine.

For years, people have been supplementing with the free form amino acid L-leucine and most the time the results have always been disappointing.  This is because the absorption of free form amino acids have always been debatable.   Personally, I feel free form amino acids are almost in the “worthless” category.  The reason why I don’t like free form amino acids is because all you need to do is add more whey protein and you’ll naturally increase the BCAA’s grams.  Not only that but I feel they are not absorbed like whole foods or pre-digested protein.  Leucine peptides is the exact opposite of L-leucine.

leucine peptides

Leucine peptides, like Advanced BCAA, is actually a hydrolyzed whey protein isolate.  It is not a free form amino acid.  The absorption of this powder is similar to a hydrolyzed whey protein (consider molecular weight average though).  Therefore, not only are you getting in every 10 gram serving, 5 grams of leucine in peptide form, but you’re getting all the other amino acids as well that are naturally present in whey protein.

How To Use Leucine Peptides

1 tbs of leucine peptides (this will give you approximately 5 grams of leucine)

1/4 cup of whey protein isolate. (this will give you approximately 20 grams of protein)

This will naturally upgrade your whey protein powder.  Without question, the quality is automatically better.

Putting it all together.

I think I made a very good case that hydrolyzed proteins have advantages over regular whole food protein powders.  The offers several hydrolyzed protein powders to choose from.  In addition, I have searched the earth looking for other hydrolyzed sources of protein powders.  The one’s below are the best in the world.  Just to be transparent, hydrolyzed egg white peptides are not on this list.  I used to sell them and one day I’ll might again.  Hydrolyzed glutamine peptides are not here either.  I’m not a big fan of hydrolyzed glutamine peptides as most of them are coming from wheat.

  1. Hydrolyzed whey protein 520
  2. Peptopro
  3. Hydrolyzed cocoon protein powder
  4. Advanced BCAA
  5. Leucine Peptides

How do you know which one’s to choose?  I would say the biggest factor would be the taste.  Hydrolyzed protein powders taste very bad because they are very bitter.  The smaller the peptides, the more bitter the taste.  You are actually tasting those peptides.  This is a good thing though because the smaller the peptides the higher quality hydrolyzed protein it is.

From personal experience I cannot drink 100% hydrolyzed proteins.  I can drink a lot of things.  I can easily drink plain whey protein powder, casein, and egg white.  Believe it or not I can drink liquid egg yolks and cricket protein powder as well.  However, I cannot drink hydrolyzed proteins.

Instead, I simply use a regular whey protein isolate, mostly my native whey protein  and mix in a small amount of the hydrolyzed protein that I am using.  

Therefore, you can take ANY protein powder you have, even if you did not buy it from my company an add any of the hydrolyzed proteins listing above.  The more you use, the higher quality your protein powder will become.  Try to focus using hydrolyzed proteins around your workouts.  But technically you want to use hydrolyzed proteins everytime you make a protein shake.

Trick I’ve learned

  1. Lemon lime flavor and grape flavor reduce the bitterness
  2. Peptopro is semi- de bitterized and mixing it with about 32 ounces of a flavored beverage makes it very drinkable.

leucine peptides

leucine peptides