It’s Been A Long Time Since A New Form Of Whey Protein Was Invented….Here It Is!

Moments like this don’t come along often. We have just released a new form of whey protein that will blow the lid off the sports nutrition industry. Total Fragmentation 250 is a 100% hydrolyzed whey protein powder. This new powder has the potential to be the most anabolic protein powder in existence.  

Why It Matters?  

Because the body absorbs amino acids not in free form like those old washed up supplements like BCAA’s and EAA’s, but in peptide form. Total Frag 250 is a 100% pre-digested peptide protein, which makes it one of the most, if not THE most anabolic protein in existence.  

Total Fragmentation 250 is imported from Germany, and supplies are limited. Stock up now  

100 hydrolyzed whey protein
Total Fragmentation 250 (Hyper Anabolic Whey Protein)