Two Reasons To Use Hydrolyzed Whey Protein & Digestive Enzymes

I was reading a study the other day and found something in the study that perked my ears up.  In the study was a graphic that stated only 10% of the protein that you eat is used for muscle protein synthesis.  ONLY 10%!  Crazy!

Here is the image that was shown in the study.

protein digestion

Do not assume that just because you drink 30 grams of whey protein isolate that it “automatically” heads to your muscles to help you build them.  Far from that my muscle hungry friend.  According to the authors in this abstract, 90% of the amino acids consumed in that protein meal, are used for something else.  That something else could be energy, brain, hair, and other functions and needs the body has.  Therefore I can theorize now that this gives you another reason to use hydrolyzed protein powder.  I can make this suggestion because the authors of this abstract suggested that other forms of high-quality protein should be tested.  Which I would have to say my Peptopro and my Hydrolyzed whey protein 520 would be two great choices.  I would also love to see the hydrolyzed silk cocoon as well.

If you are concerned like I am about this study, you may also want to experiment with the Depo-Nitrolase 250.  The Depo 250 is a digestive enzyme supplement that helps you use more protein than you normally would.  In theory, one would hope that by using the Depo 250, you could increase that number of only 10% to a much higher number to increase muscle protein synthesis.

Should you stack a hydrolyzed whey protein with the Depo Nitrolase 250?  I would definitely say so.  Remember that no protein powder is 100% hydrolyzed.  The highest that I have ever seen is the hydrolyzed whey protein 520 at 28%.  That means the other 72% is whole food whey protein.