Less Soreness, More Muscle, and Less Fat With These Two Products

In case you missed it, the other day I made myself a pre-workout drink containing citrulline peptides and watermelon juice.

I took it because I theorized that I would get a better pump from it, which I did.  I also noticed something that I did not expect, less soreness.  Upon doing some research I found this.

citrulline peptides

Its funny how things sometimes work out, even though you did not expect it.  By combining the watermelon juice and the citrulline peptides I created an ultimate and potent recovery drink.

The citrulline peptides and the watermelon juice should be available this week or next week.  But in the mean time, you can try to consume watermelon juice yourself pre workout and see if you get less sore.  The perfect test would be leg day for me.  I know after an intense session on the hack squat, I cannot even MOVE I’m so sore.  Next time I do legs, I am going to try my citrulline blast drink next time!