Pre Workout Supplements For Women

In a sports nutrition world dominated by males, it is hard to find pre workout supplements for women.  If you look at most of the pre workout supplements that are sold today, they are marketed towards males.  If you Google, “pre workout supplements for women”, you will come across a few, but all of them are the same thing.  They contain useless amino acids, some herbs, and maybe some stimulants.  These things are exactly what you do not want.  Instead, let me tell you what are the best pre workout supplements for women.

First and foremost, I’m a supplement manufacturing expert . Thus, I am qualified to make recommendations for you.  Unlike most articles you’ll find on the internet about pre workout supplements for women, my recommendations will be for supplements that are healthy for you and will not only help you workout better but will help your skin and overall complexion.  However before a talk about which pre workout supplements for women to buy let me give you some quick advice about training.

Most women want to lean out or reduce body fat while gaining muscle.  When I talked to a lot of women most, use the term, “tone up”.  However, you must understand this as women.  There is no difference between a man gaining muscle and women gaining muscle.  Just like there is no difference when a man gets a cold and a women gets a cold.  Men and women should train exactly the same.  Therefore, you do the same workouts.  Free weights should take precedent over machines.  My good friend Dr. Colker who is one of the worlds top experts on muscle building once told me, “Machines take one, thought, PUSH!.  Free weights you must balance, concentrate, push, use a negative, and coordinate..” It takes much more mind power and muscle concentration to lift with free weights as it does machines.  My advice to you is to stay off the machines.  Always use free weights.

Second, when it comes to lifting weights, TRY HARD!  Too many times I see women working out and not trying hard.  [clickToTweet tweet=”Remember the harder you try the better the results you will get” quote=”Remember the harder you try the better the results you will get”].  If you are not sweating and tired after you get done working out then you didn’t workout out hard enough.  Also, your workout should only last 45 minutes or so.  Any more and again, you’re not working out hard enough.  Even with the use of pre workout supplements for women you should not be training longer than that.  Now let me talk about the best supplements to use.

1) Inorganic Nitrates (the power of the pump and more oxygen)

My first recommendation is a vegetable powder made from beets.  The product is called Tectanic Red.  It is a specially made pre workout supplement that is the only one in the world that list inorganic nitrates on the label.  Inorganic nitrates play a huge role in pre workout supplementation.  I will not get into the scientific details of inorganic nitrates but one of the best places to learn more about inorganic nitrates is right here.  They are very beneficial and healthy for you and in brief explanation, I can tell you that inorganic nitrates are proven to help boost workout performance.  Keep in mind that you do not have to “supplement” with Tectanic Red to get inorganic nitrates.  A lot of times I will go to the juice store and have them make me a juice blend of beets, spinach, kale, and carrots.  Needless to say, it costs me about $7.00 for one drink  But I want to let you know that you do have the option to “juice” to get inorganic nitrates. In addition, arugula has the highest concentration of inorganic nitrates.  Thus, if you can eat your veggies as well to get inorganic nitrates you should go for it.  Tectanic Red, however, give you a quick, fast, and easy way to get a big dose of inorganic nitrates.  Keep in mind that there are other beet powders on the market.  However, these beet powders do not list the inorganic nitrates on the back of the label.  These supplements will simply say, “beet root powder” and will not have a 3rd party lab analysis of inorganic nitrates like Tectanic Red does.  I do NOT recommend buying any beet powder that does not list the amount in milligrams of inorganic nitrates on the back of the label. If you do buy one that does not list nitrates, most likely you are buying cheap beet powder that was made in China, and you will surely be disappointed at the results.

Get Tectanic Red here


2)  Low -Glycemic Carbs

I can’t tell you how many times when women are looking for pre workout supplements, they will tell me they want something that will give them energy.  If you want energy, you have to consume carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates are the gasoline for the body.  You wouldn’t go on a long car ride with any gas in your care would you?  So why would you go to the gym without any gas in your body?  And that gas is carbs?  But what happens is, is that the supplement companies have brain washed everyone into thinking that we should eat low carbs to lose body fat and consume energy drinks and shots before we workout or start our day for work.  STOP THE MADNESS I SAY!!  Do not be fooled by this marketing.  You want carbs, and you do not want caffeine.  It is just the opposite.  Remember, these supplement companies only want one thing from you, your MONEY!  They do not want you eating healthy fruits and veggies.  Instead, they want you consuming caffeine and getting addicted to eating badly, so you want more and more, and you buy more and more.  This is ridiculous, but it is the truth.

So before you workout you want good carbs.  Now good carbs are not Gatorade and Powerade or those other ready to drink beverages that you find in the convenience store.  Stay away from that krap.  They are overly processed corn products that have a huge impact on your insulin level.  You drink those products, and your insulin is going to sky rocket.  This makes it harder for you to burn fat, increases fat storage, and increase the size of the fat cells.  Bad stuff.  The carbs that I am talking about cannot be bought in the convenience store.

The best carbs would, of course, be from vegetables.  If you are not a big vegetable eater, you need to start seriously turning the corner and start eating your veggies.  Not only will you look better but you’ll have more energy.  I would recommend blending up a mix of veggies and if you could go heavier on the greens.  However if you do not want to do that all of the time you can try my Oatmuscle or Cerasport.  These are both low GI carbohydrates that will give you sustained energy, and will help your body stop using amino acids as energy and instead the amino acids from the protein will be going to the muscle.

What Not To Use As a Pre Workout Supplement For Women

1) Whey Protein.  A lot of supplement companies will recommend whey protein as a pre workout supplement for women.  However I do not, and I tell you why?  Insulin.  It has been proven that whey protein, when consumed, has a big impact on your insulin level.  click here to see the report.  And when this happens, as mentioned above, it is hard to burn fat, your fat cells are increased, and your fat storage is increased.  If you feel you need protein pre workout, I would go with a casein, like my Heliogen casein.  Casein is digested slowly and will not have a big impact on your insulin-like whey protein.  Keep in mind that casein does not taste as good as whey protein.

2) Caffeine.  This is one of my biggest no-nos when it comes to pre workout supplements for women.  For some reason or another, the sports nutrition industry took it upon themselves to recommend the use of caffeine before you workout.  I would say 95% of the pre workout supplements for women contain caffeine.  Supplement companies do this because it is a marketing trick.  The marketing trick is that they believe that if you “feel” the supplement working than you think its “working.”  If you take a supplement and do not feel anything than you will think it is not “working.”  Don’t be fooled by this marketing scam.  Caffeine is not good for you pre workout.  Here are the reasons why

a)  Caffeine releases cortisol in the body.  Cortisol is a fat promoting, muscle wasting hormone.  The exact opposite of what you do not want!  You want to burn fat and build up muscle mass, not break it down.  Cortisol is your #1 enemy when it comes to fat loss.  Well, that and insulin.  But anyway why would you take caffeine pre workout.  Your workout is going to cause a build up of cortisol naturally anyway, why would you want to add to it and help your body produce MORE cortisol.

B) Caffeine is a drug, the more you use, the more you need.  Thus taking it everyday is making things worse and worse.  On top of that, most people use caffeine at least two or three times a day.  Making it hard to lose fat and build muscle because they keep increasing cortisol release in their bodies.

3) supplements containing caffeine.  Now that I just convinced you not to use caffeine pre workout, do not buy any pre workout supplements for women that contain caffeine.  Most of these supplements contain mega doses of caffeine, upwards in the 200mg to 300mg dose.

Here is how to set yourself up for the perfect workout that will give you energy and help you build muscle and lose body fat.

If you know, you are going to workout that day make sure you start your day by eating a good breakfast.  Let’s be realistic, most people have to go to work and don’t have time to make breakfast.  So if you’re that person like myself, you make a shake.  My shake this morning was.




1/3 cup of my Heliogen Casein

1 tbs of my Bio-Serum 1


I slug that down and head to work.  Now you can use whatever shake recipe you want.  All you need to do is Google shake recipes, and you’ll find a ton of protein recipes on-line.  It is very easy.  Just find one that you like because a week later you’ll get sick of that one and want to make a different flavored protein shake.

At around noon I hed to the gym.  About 45 minutes before I go to the gym I have my Tectanic Red.  If I cannot get my Tectanic Red I go to this place called the Juice Box and have the girls make me juice which contains, typically spinach, carrots, kalke, and ginger.  I try to reduce the amount of fruit and go heavier on the veggies.   I will always mix up the flavor.

Pre Workout Supplements For Women

  1. Heliogen Casein
  2. Bio Serum -1
  3. Tectanic
  4. GPLC (optional)
  5. Creatine (optional)

Stay way from.

  1. caffeine
  2. typically pre workouts containing caffeine
  3. energy drinks
  4. lots of coffee

In conclusion, my pre workout supplements for women is more about being healthy and a lot about the amphetamine high that you get from caffeine.  Back in the day, the whole pre workout supplement craze was started by the dangerous and illegal ingredient called DMAA.  After the FDA made it illegal to use DMAA in supplements, supplement companies scrambled to find a replacement.  The only replacement they really had was caffeine.  Caffeine is a horrible ingredient to use as a pre workout supplement for women.  It is bad for men as well, but especially bad for women because women have more estrogen in their bodies making it harder for them to lose weight and gain muscle as it is.  Thus avoid caffeine pre workout and use healthy ingredients and food such as vegetable and supplements without caffeine.