Making My Pre Workout Shake Using 3 Ingredients

Here is my typical pre workout shake.

1/3 cup of Oatmuscle

1 serving of Tectanic Red

1 serving of DAM’D

These three supplements above are super high quality and give the body what it needs to have a great workout.  First, the carbohydrate supplement Oatmuscle.  BTW you can use that or Mod 6.  Carbohydrates is the bodies preferred choice for energy.   Never use protein ONLY pre workout.  The body will eat up the amino acids as energy, instead of the amino’s helping to maintain positive nitrogen balance.  Next is the Tectanic Red.  The world’s only inorganic nitrate supplement with 300 mg of inorganic nitrates per serving, plus a red spinach extract.  Finally, my new DAM’D pre workout supplement.  Containing the proven DMG to help with recovery.

You’ll notice I do not consume any amphetamines, like caffeine.  Caffeine is a big trick supplement companies use to make you think that the supplement is “working” because you can feel it.  But listen to me and listen good.

CAFFEINE RELEASES CORTISOL, A STRONG CATABOLIC HORMONE.  Why on Earth would you take a product that elevates cortisol?  To me, its is just common sense.  If anything I would take the opposite.  Take a supplement that DECREASES cortisol!

Any these three supplements are very powerful and super high quality.