Top 10 Reasons To Buy Unflavored Protein Powder Instead of Flavored

Unflavored Protein Powder is my recommendation when purchasing any protein powder like whey, casein, egg, pea, beef or rice protein.  When you buy flavored protein powder you are paying for the protein powder PLUS the flavoring.  When you buy unflavored protein powder, like unflavored whey protein powder you are paying for 100% of the protein powder and 0% of the flavoring.  However, keep in mind that no “protein” powder is ever 100% protein.

It’s All About Protein Percentages

One of the most common protein powders in the world is whey protein concentrate.  Whey protein concentrate is a dairy protein made from cheese or milk.  Manufacturers of whey protein concentrate convert the liquid whey into a powder through a few different processes.  Ion exchange, microfiltration, and cross-flow microfiltration are the three types manufacturing processes to filter the non-protein particles from the liquid whey and concentrate the liquid for a high protein content.

Typically, the liquid whey will be around 80% protein.  Then the manufacturers convert the liquid whey into a powder using a method called spray drying.  Then, an emulsifier is added if the whey powder if it is to be used for instant protein powder drinks like the ones commonly seen in the sports nutrition industry sold to bodybuilders looking to make themselves protein shakes.

These whey protein powders are typically 80% protein.  Meaning if you took 100 gram of the whey protein powder, 80 grams of it would be actual protein and 20% would be nonprotein materials like fat, lactose, ash, and moisture.

Down Goes The Protein Percentage

Most of the time whey protein powders are flavored.  Typically a contract supplement manufacturer will add “flavoring” to the whey protein powder to make it taste like a milkshake.  I have written an article about protein powders and milkshakes that you can read here.  But adding flavoring to a protein powder means, whey protein needs to be removed to make room for the flavoring.

Here is a popular chocolate whey protein powder.

unflavored whey protein

If you divide the protein grams by the serving size grams it calculates to 0.72 or 72%.  Therefore, 28% of this “protein powder” is garbage and you are paying for this flavoring!

Now here is another protein powder, but this is an unflavored protein powder.

unflavored protein powder

If you divide the protein grams by the serving size grams you get 0.90 or 90% protein.  As you can see the unflavored protein powder gives you almost 20% more protein per serving.  You are not paying for flavoring.

The Top 10 Reasons Why To Buy Unflavored Protein Powder Over Flavored Protein Powder

1. Higher Protein Percentage

You pay for protein you want protein.  When you buy unflavored protein you get a product that is higher in amino acids and the most important BCAA’s.  Every scoop of unflavored protein powder that you drink you get more protein and amino acids over flavored protein powder.

2. More BCAA’s

Fundamental muscle building rule is that BCAA’s are vitally important to increase muscle protein synthesis.  Whey protein works so well because it contains a high content of BCAA, about 30% to be exact.   When you buy an unflavored whey protein powder or an unflavored protein powder you get more BCAA’s.

3. You are not paying for flavoring

Protein powders are not cheap.  Therefore when you buy a flavored whey protein you are paying for the flavoring.  It’s not like the protein powder is 2 lbs of whey protein and 1/4 pound of flavoring making the total container 2.25 lbs.  The powder is 2 lbs.  Therefore you are paying for flavoring and sweetener.

4. Saving more money

Unflavored protein powder does not need blending and other requirements, therefore it is cheaper to manufacture, thus the saving, most of the time, is passed to the consumer.  Make sure you pay less for unflavored protein powder than flavored.

5.  No artificial sweeteners

Unflavored protein powder obviously does not contain artificial sweeteners, which I feel can be linked to all sorts of health problems.  Sucralose, neotame, acesulfame, and aspartame, in my opinion, can cause health problems with continued long term use.

6. No artificial flavorings or colorings

Similar to artificial sweeteners, these chemical additives, in my opinion, can cause long term health issues.  Some artificial colors like Yellow #5 and Red #40 have caused cancer in animals.  I would never put these chemicals into my body.

7.  No Stevia

I feel that stevia can lower testosterone and I have written about it here.

8. Much more versatile to make shakes

When you purchase an unflavored whey protein powder, it is much easier and versatile to make any flavor shake you want.  I always recommend to my customers to mix their unflavored protein powder with vegetables and fruits.  You want to use more vegetables than fruits keep in mind to train yourself to avoid sweeteners.  Simply blending in kale, spinach, beets, carrots and some strawberries makes for a great muscle building shake.

9. Teaches you have to eat without the sweetness

Sugar has ZERO health benefits and you should avoid it when you can.  Not one good thing can be said about sugar.  Training your taste buds to eat with have to taste something sweet will do you body good for the rest of your life.  You’ll be leaner, more muscular, and have fewer cavities if you avoid sweeteners, especially in your protein shake.

10. Better to make post-workout drinks

Your post-workout drink should be refreshing and light.  Not thick like a chocolate whey protein milkshake.  Using about 32 oz of water, blended with vegetables and fruits and a scoop of unflavored hydrolyzed protein powder, or unflavored whey protein is the best on a hot day after a long workout.

The Choice Is Clear

In conclusion, I think I made a very good case for purchasing and using unflavored protein powder.  I see that many first-time users of protein powders, look for that milkshake to drink.  However, this is not what you want to do.  Buy your protein powder unflavored and use your own flavor system.  If you in the mood for a milkshake, simply add some cocoa, banana, vanilla extract, and make yourself one.  Then at least you don’t have to worry about drinking a milkshake every time because your protein powder does not contain flavoring and sweeteners. offers the best, unflavored whey protein and more on their site.

Try the Muscle Shake if you like that milkshake effect.  Simply add flavored almond milk, banana, and peanut butter and you’ll have the best protein tasting highest quality protein shake ever.

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