Peptopro Hack, Salmobolic Demo, Spiked Protein & More

First a public service announcement: Don’t forget to take your leucine peptides. It is a very anabolic amino acid. If you’re looking for growth somewhere, try our Leucine Peptides

The “leucine trigger” hypothesis. The ingestion of an isolated protein source (e.g., whey) results in a rapid rise in plasma leucine concentrations, which is superior in terms of amplitude when compared to whole food sources of protein, and corresponds to the extent of stimulation of muscle protein synthesis rates [29]


First I have a hack for the Peptopro and flavoring it. Here is a hack to make your hydrolyzed proteins also known as Pepto pro taste really really really really good. You could use this for intra work out. ##proteinfactory##peptopro##postworkout ♬ original sound – Protein Factory

Here is a product demonstration of Salmbolic 98. Salmonbolic 98 is a hydrolyzed salmon protein powder. It is the perfect protein powder for post workout recovery because it contains di and tri peptides. Unlike whey protein concentrate or whey protein isolate that contains intact proteins. You would use this protein as an alternative source of protein as opposed to using whey egg, milk, or vegan protein powders if you’re allergic to dairy or egg this is a great choice. It is also a better choice over beef protein. #fishproteinpowder #proteinfactory #hydrolyzedprotein ♬ original sound – Protein Factory

Total Frag Product Demonstration. Total fragmentation 250 is the world only patented hydrolyzed whey protein powder made in Europe. It is 100% high whey protein. It is the best protein to use for post workout recovery. It is better to use than regular whey protein, concentrate, or whey protein isolate because it is pre-digested in the amino acids and die and peptides go to the muscle faster. Much more faster than intact proteins like whey, protein, isolate, and whey protein concentrate, if you want the worlds most high technologically sound, Protein get total fragmentation#proteinfactory #hydrolyzedwheyprotein #postworkoutshake ♬ original sound – Protein Factory

How To Flavor Your Creatine (If you’re an itty bitty dandy) Never buy flavored creatine, because most of them have artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners. Worse yet some of them actually contain artificial colors which are banned in Europe but for some reason they allow them in the United States. I found a solution to make flavored creatine these little flavored liquid things are all natural and do not contain any artificial ingredients. But the best part is they taste great. I got about 10 different flavors, strawberry raspberry, orange peach, mango, fruit punch. They are all very good.#flavoredcreatine #creatine #proteinfactory ♬ original sound – Protein Factory

What Does Spiked Protein Look Like? If you want to know what spiked protein looks like this is it. Spiked protein will have creatine and taurine added to it. A lot of people will ask me Is your protein spiked? But the only ingredient in it is protein so it’s not spiked. You need creatine and taurine to spike the protein. #wheyprotein #spikedprotein #proteinfactory ♬ original sound – Protein Factory

Alex Rogers:

Peptopro Hack

All right, guys. I just want to show you a pre-workout, intra-workout hack using PeptoPro. Now, a lot of supplement companies will try to sell you free-form amino acids or branched-chain amino acids, which is a joke because those things have literally been around since the 1980s. I’m not kidding. When whey protein came out, then it made those stupid things obsolete. But there’s absolutely no point of using essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids when you have hydrolyzed protein powder. Now, especially PeptoPro. PeptoPro is all di and tripeptides. These are superior over branched-chain amino acids and free-form amino acids, and they can be used intra workout. We’ll check this out guys. Now, the only problem with hydrolyzed protein is its bitterness because you’re actually tasting, the bitterness comes from the di and tripeptides. Okay? So it is a problem. Yes, I admit it. But it’s very easy to solve and I’m going to show you right now how I solve it.

So, right here is more than enough amino acids to use intra-workout. Okay? This is about 10 grams right there. I’m going to put that right in the powder. Now, there’s no lecithin in there. Now, what I’m going to do to flavor it is simply use this stuff. Now, what’s good about this stuff is it actually contains electrolytes and there’s no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Unlike all the other essential amino acids and BCAA powders out there that are made with artificial colors and all that crap, which to me it’s just poison.

So now I’m going to stir this up. Going to stir it up right before your eyes. Look at that. It goes right into solution without any lecithin, which means there’s no phytosterols in there. We’re going to squirt in this stuff. Guys, I just created a black raspberry intra-workout powder. Look at that. Now, what I’m going to do is before I drink it, I’m going to let it sit there for a while so you can really let it dissolve. That’s a little insider trick as well. Don’t drink your hydrolyzed protein right away. Just wait for a little bit and give it a chance to become soluble.

I’m going to come back and in a little bit. Now watch this. All right guys, we are back. Now look at that, black raspberry intra-workout made with PeptoPro containing di and tripeptides, which will put your body out of a catabolic state and potentially a muscle building state. There it is. PeptoPro, available on the TikTok Shop. Actually, let me give it a taste. One sec. That’s how good it is.

Total Frag 250

Alex Rogers:

All right, guys. Product demonstration time. And right here is the Total Fragmentation 250, 100% Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, and there’s the powder. There’s what it looks like. Now, let me explain something to you real quick. This is the only protein powder, whey protein powder in the world that’s 100% hydrolyzed, meaning that the powder, all this powder, is completely and utterly pre-digested. Most protein powders, including the ones I sell, like my 520, like my PeptoPro, are at best 28% hydrolyzed. Now, how do I make this claim? Well, this protein powder that you’re looking at, believe it or not, I’m pretty sure it’s the only whey protein powder in existence that has a worldwide patent. And you could look that up simply by going to Google Patent Search. You’ll find it there. If you need help, just let me know. But yes, this is the best, the highest quality hydrolyzed whey protein powder in the market.

And I’m going to show you how it mixes. Okay the first step, let’s add some water to it. Now, keep in mind you do not use these products like a normal whey protein powder. It is far from it. Normal whey protein powders are not patented. They’re intact protein powders. They’re whole food protein powders. They’re just like drinking milk or eating cheese. It’s the same thing. This is actually pre-digested into small di- and tripeptides. And what’s so good about that? Well, the faster you can get amino acids into the bloodstream and into your muscle, the more anabolic you are going to be. As you can see, it goes right into solution. It does not have any lecithin in it either. No soy lecithin or sunflower lecithin. This product is made for us in Germany, almost like, think of it as like a microbrewery, but for protein powders.

Yes, this is it. Okay, now let’s get a little close up. There’s slight clumping. Slight clumping on top. That’s because, remember, there’s no lecithin in there, so there’s no phytosterols. So that’s really what you want. Okay, now I don’t recommend drinking hydrolyzed proteins by themselves because they’re very bitter and the bitterness is caused by those di- and tri peptides. So you actually want that bitter taste, but it’s very difficult to drink. So I myself, I don’t do that. So what you could do is you add either grape or lemon-lime flavor to that, which is what I’m going to do. Right now I’m using this, normally I don’t recommend artificial sweeteners and colors, but this is all I have right now. It’s grape. I actually have an organic one at home, but I’ll squirt that in there. Give it a good squirt, turn it into grape. Stir it up. Okay, now let me drink it. That’s awesome, guys. Great for post-workout. Actually, the best protein powder for post-workout right there. Total Frag 250.

Salmobolic 98

Alex Rogers:

Okay. And today, we are doing a product demonstration of Salmonbolic 98. This is the world’s only hydrolyzed fish protein powder. That fish is salmon, and it comes from a sustainable source. We import this powder directly from Europe.

And so what’s so good about this powder? Well, number one, it’s all di- and tripeptides. It’s made up of pre-digested proteins. Unlike whey protein concentrate or whey protein isolate, this enters the system much faster than intact proteins. So this is the ideal protein powder to use post-workout or pre-workout. Anytime you need to recover from an intense training session, Salmonbolic 98 is your choice.

Now, why would you use Salmonbolic 98? Well, if you are allergic to dairy, if you’re allergic to egg, if you’re not seeing any results from whey protein, or soy protein, or pea protein, or any of those other proteins that are on the market today, Salmonbolic is going to be your choice. Technically, it is a meat protein powder, and we have a ton of information on the absorbability. We also have a podcast with the chief operating [inaudible 00:01:11] that manufactures this powder.

Okay, so now, this product does not contain any [inaudible 00:01:17]. Now, look at that. That, I mixed up about 25 grams. I put about a little more than this. Can you see that? A little more than this into water. And I let it sit there. I mean, look at that. It almost looks like a beer. Unbelievable. Sitting in there is 24 grams of protein. Unbelievable.

And now, some of you might be concerned about the taste or the smell because it is fish. Yes, when you open the bag, you will have a fish smell. But when you taste it, it does not have a fish taste. Okay, if you are concerned about the flavor, this is my new recommendation. This is a naturally-sourced, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, just pure flavoring from the natural source, is lemonade flavor.

You want to use lemonade with the Salmonbolic. Let’s put that right in there. We’ll give a squirt. Nice, healthy squirt. We’ll stir it up slightly. And this should be a nice, refreshing lemon drink. Let’s try it out. Wow, guys, that is good. I’m telling you, I could barely taste any fish taste. I mean, if you’re looking for an alternate source of protein powder, this is it. Salmonbolic 98.

Flavoring Creatine

Alex Rogers:

All right, guys. Check this out. Okay? Buying flavored creatine sucks. It’s the dumbest thing to do. Never buy flavored creatine, and I’ll tell you why. Number one, because you’re getting artificial sweeteners and artificial colors, especially red 40 and blue, yellow. Those things, they’re actually banned in Europe. I would not use flavored creatine. It’s just something that you shouldn’t do. No point for it.

So instead, you just buy this stuff. First of all, you buy straight-up plain creatine, which is available anywhere. I’m using my own creatine monohydrate, and then I bought this stuff. This stuff is awesome. It’s all natural. No artificial colors, no artificial sweeteners. And, look. I got fruit punch, I got grape. I got, what else? I got orange clementine, I got pomegranate cranberry, strawberry watermelon.

And today, I’m going to use black raspberry with electrolytes, because I just got done working out, so I’m going to take my creatine. There it is. I already mixed it, but I’m going to do it again here. So check this out.

Okay. So first, I’m going to add 10 grams of creatine, because I forgot to take my creatine yesterday, so let’s just plop that in there. And I use Creapure. This is the only Creapure. Made in Germany, not made in China.

Okay. So that’s black raspberry, but I’m actually going to do strawberry lemonade. Okay? Strawberry lemonade going in. One squeeze, they say. Okay. Let’s stir it up. Strawberry lemonade creatine coming at you.

All right. I want to give you my true reaction to this. Here it is. Strawberry creatine. Oh my God. Wow. This stuff is good. Perfect. I love it so much. Guys, don’t buy flavored creatine. Get this stuff. I’m not making any money off of this stuff whatsoever. I just want to give you guys the education that there are much better forms, that you can use flavored creatine if you need it, without the artificial colors and artificial sweeteners, which are extremely bad for you. They’re actually banned in Europe, so why should you use them here? Makes absolutely no sense. So there you have it, guys. Flavored creatine.

Hold up, guys. I forgot to try the black raspberry. I got to try it. Hold on. Oh, my. Dude. These guys nailed it.