A Review Of The Best Male Enhancement Pills (Kinda)

Male enhancement pills are extremely popular, however this is one supplement category that I never researched or written any articles on, so I figured why not?  They are dietary supplements anyway, and being that I’m an expert in dietary supplement manufacturing I figure its about time that I give me readers my review on the best male enhancement supplements and rate which ones I thought were the best.   I never researched male enhancement pills before because I have no interest in male enhancement, I’m just fine in that department and I never got any complaints that I’m not up to par so to speak.  Not only that but I never aspired to be a male porn star.   All joking aside, I thought some people probably do have a small penis that they would like bigger & maybe it is an issue in their marriage or relationship.  Maybe their partner does have issues with a small penis.  Therefore they turn to male enhancement pills that they hope would help them grow a larger penis.  This sector of the dietary supplement industry is very scammy and quite frankly probably worse than the sports nutrition sector.  So let me blow the lid of these scammy supplements and reveal the truth about male enhancement pills.

What I am going to do is rate each male enhancement pill on a scale of 1 to 10. testicles.   Ten testicles being the best.  Rating will be based on the following factors.  Keep in mind that I am a dietary supplement manufacturing expert.  I have the knowledge to detect good quality supplements and low-quality supplements.  Ninety-nine percent of supplement reviews on the internet are authored by inexperienced, wanna-be, self-proclaimed experts that know nothing about supplement manufacturing.  In addition most are fake reviews, Amazon themselves have been plagued by fake reviews.  They have no knowledge of the Code of Federal Regulations for dietary supplements 111’s.  On the other-hand, I have a wealth of  knowledge of these regulations.  This in turn makes me one of the most qualified authors/bloggers when it comes to dietary supplements and giving my readers my opinion of the quality of the supplements that I talk about.

Here are some of the criteria’s that I look for when ranking a best male enhancement pill.

  1. ingredients
  2. Label compliance
  3. proprietary blends
  4. FDA compliance
  5. History of complaints
  6. FDA warning letters
  7. website marketing

The Best Over The Counter Male Enhancement Pills

The first thing I did was try to look for the most popular male enhancement pills.  I did this simply by searching Google.  One of the first ones I came across was a product called Extenze.

Extenze:  4 Testicles

Love the name, and I have heard of this product before.  And what amazes me is that they sell enough product to hire Jimmy Johnson and get a Nascar.

male enhancement pills

I went to the website and the first thing I do is look for the ingredients.  After looking at the ingredients, nothing special jumps out at me.  It is the same old, used 1,000 times before ingredients.  Ingredients such as tribulus, L-arginine, yohimbe, DHEA, and  niacin.  I put this in what I also call the “kitchen sink” supplement category.  This is when a supplement contains everything but the kitchen sink…Kitchen sink supplements will usually contain ingredients that are dusted in or to low of dose to product any results.  If they did contain the proper amounts, it would make the supplement extremely expensive to buy and the serving size would be too big.  Most of time I recommend to my customers to buy supplements that are sold with simply ONE ingredient, so you know exactly how much you are getting.  Granted this makes it more of a task to stack supplements, but at least you’re not wasting your money on supplement that are underdosed.

pGNC1-12886088_gnclabel_pdf.pdf 2016-12-10 11-00-04


On the Extenze website they say that they use a proprietary formula.   Extenze contains ingredients that you can buy on this website but how they are supposed to be purchased, as single ingredients such as yohimbe and long jack.  In addition, they say this on their website, which to me I interpret as if I take this product my penis will get bigger …

ExtenZe® FAQ | Penis Enhancement | Male Enhancement Pills 2016-12-10 10-53-28

I find this to be complete bullshit.  I rate this product a 5.  It gets a 5 because the ingredients are good, however they are contained inside a proprietary blend so you do not know how much you are getting of each one.  You also do not know if they are using branded ingredients.  You don’t know the quality of the tribulus and the yohimbe.  I don’t see any third party lab analysis on their product on their website.  The marketing is bad.  Video testimonials that in my opinion are paid for actors, claiming they use the product and it helps them sexually.  Most all of the testimonials are couples with the female partner just “thrilled” that her partner has a big penis now.  I don’t like this marketing one bit.  Two thumbs down as well.

Tengenix: 1 Testicle

Nice website and the video is well thought out with great graphics.  It shows a guy with a small penis and then a guy with a huge penis.  This male enhancement supplement guarantees that you’ll penis gets bigger and thicker.  I tried to find the ingredients but I could not.  Therefore in my opinion,  bogus products.  If you are not clear on your ingredients on your own website then you have something to hide.  I give this product a rating of 2.  Which means I wouldn’t recommend it or buy it.

In addition on their alleged Youtube channel it seems they lied to someone telling that that after they take their product and their penis gets bigger it will be permanent.  Pretty messed up…

best male enhancement pills

VigRx:  5 Testicles

This supplement does not contain anything special.  Very similar to the Extenze, but not as many ingredients…it includes the common ones associated with the penis…maca, tribulus, etc..again nothing special here.  The website does not make any claims as over the top and ridiculous as Tengenix or Extenze.  Both of the aforementioned allude to the fact the taking their products will make your dick bigger and you’ll partner will be overly satisfied, VigRX on the other hand is marketing their product as a libido enhancer and an erectile dysfunction aid.  What I found most compelling was the study that they conducted on their product.  The study was done in Inda.  The researchers in the study concluded this:

VigRX Plus was well-tolerated and effective in improving erectile function in men. Confirmation of the beneficial effect in a broader ED population is recommended.

However they also stated this..

To summarize, results obtained from evaluation in young men with no overt organic causes may offer limited generalizability, nevertheless, represent an important subset of ED patients who are potentially amenable to therapy and at the same time are least likely to exhibit a placebo response that can confound the determination of active treatment effects.

Which means they conducted the study on men that did not have erectile dysfunction.  Which is dumb to me and kinda makes this study pointless.

In addition they do not list the supplement facts panel on the website.  I had to go search for it.  Which means they have something to hide or they think their supplement facts panel is blah.   Nor could I find any third party lab analysis.  I did find some errors on their supplement facts panel as well.

male enhancement pills

I am confused about rating this product because it is simply an erectile dysfunction product, however none of the men in this study had ED issue.  The study is a good “college” try.  The product is not spammy like Extenze or Tenegix.  I like how they do not use a proprietary formula.

I’ll give it a 5 testicles.  Possibly good to get you horny, might help with ED, but its not going to make your schlong bigger.

Male Extra. 2 testicles

This product advertises that you could add about 2 inches to you penis.  I just have to laugh…2 inches?   You’ve got to be kidding me?  Here is the claim I found on their website.

male enhancement pills

This company is clearly saying you have a good chance at growing your penis.  I say poppy-cock!  I looked at the ingredients in this product, and again like most male enhancement pills, nothing special.  The only uncommon ingredient is their pomegranate extract.  And they claim this is the ingredient that is going to boost nitric oxide levels in the blood.  And because of this, it is going to make your penis grow.  UP To 2 inches!!  (LMFAO) Unfortunately, I totally disagree with this theory.  #1 a fruit extract does not simply increase nitric oxide levels that magically find its way to ONLY the penis,  then, in turn, increases your penis size.   There are several GOOD nutritional products that have good research behind them that show that they could increase nitric oxide levels in the body.  I have formulated and developed what I feel is the best supplement to increase nitric oxide levels in the body, plus it is the only supplement to guarantee the levels of nitrate in the product.  It is called [easyazon_link identifier=”B01ACD6M3I” locale=”US” tag=”bp025-20″]Tectanic Red, Berry Flavor 16 oz[/easyazon_link] Several food products and supplements can increase nitric oxide levels in the body and the most powerful are really vegetables, like beets and arugula.   In addition you can use a lab analysis to measure the amount of inorganic nitrates in this product.  Because that is what this product is talking about…the amount of inorganic nitrates in the pomegranate extract.

I also looked at their “about us” section and they claim the product is made in an FDA approved facility.  Liar, liar pants on fire.  The FDA does not APPROVE any facilities or supplements, they simply enforce the regulations.  Finally, I could not find the supplement facts panel anywhere.

I give this product 2 testicles out of 10.  I would of given them a 1, but I’ll give them some credit for using pomegranate extract.  I dont find any reason whatsoever, that I would chose this product over the male enhancement pills above.

Sizegenix- 1 testicle

The marketing on Sizegenix is very good.  However I found things that make me rate this product only 1 testicle.  Maybe even a 1/2 of a testicle.

The website allegedly claims to contain a patented ingredient.  It even alludes to the fact that it is protected by a US patent.  They even give the patent number, which they probably should not have done because that allowed me to investigate just what this patent is.  Here is the patent


Upon further reading the patent, you’ll see this at the end…

Patent US6673377 - Extracts derived from Pueraria mirifica, Butea superba and:or Mucuna ... - Google Patents 2016-12-11 08-08-43

As you can see the patent expired because the person that owns the patent did not pay the fees to the USPTO.  Therefore I allege the following with Sizegenix and their marketing tactics.

  1.  They are sleaze balls.  They are claiming in their marketing that the product is protected by a patent but the patent is expired.
  2. They allude that the patent owner is somehow working with them and this product, but I highly doubt it or they would not have let the patent expire.
  3. The allude in their marketing that its the only product protected by a patent but obviously its not protected.

In my opinion this is very low-ball stuff.  The people behind this company should be ashamed of themselves…but quite frankly this is very common in the dietary supplement industry and not just in the male enhancement niche.

For what it is worth..here are the supplement facts.  Again nothing special, it contains alot of the similar ingredients that most male enhancement pills contain:  tribulus, arginine, Muira Puam, and so on.  However they use a proprietary formula with makes me rate the product lower.  If you want to try butea superba I would look for a single ingredient supplement.  Swanson is a good quality supplement company.  Here is the produt [easyazon_link identifier=”B007CX2RQI” locale=”US” tag=”bp025-20″]Swanson Butea Superba Root, Full Spectrum 400 mg 60 Caps[/easyazon_link]

best male enhancement pills

Enzyte- 2 testicles

When I first got to Enzyte it reminds me of a supplement company trying to come off as a pharmaceutical company.  Meaning that they try to look like a pharmaceutical drug company and not a supplement company with the hopes that you’ll take them more seriously, and buy their weak product.  And that is exactly my opinion of Enzyte, it contains ingredients like all the rest..can you guess by now?   Ginseng, Niacin, Horny Goat Weed, Ginko.

Here is the supplement facts panel.

best male enhancement pills

As you can see, nothing special, very similar to all other male enhancement pills.  They use a proprietary blend as well.  The only positive things I can say about this supplement is that they mention on their website a few things.  1) They say no supplement can increase penis size and 2) the FDA does not approve any supplements.  With Enzyte, I think you have a neutered supplement company.  They don’t make any claims that would have the FDA breathing down their necks like some of the other companies in this review.

In conclusion, let the facts be heard about the best male enhancement pills on the market….


If you are born with a small penis and you’re looking to make it bigger, well, sorry no dietary supplement is going to make it grow.  If you have erectile dysfunction, I strongly suggest the natural approach before turning to big pharma.  Look at things like your diet, life style, and other things that could harm your erection.  The positive is thing is there are some good supplements out there that can help with libido and nitric oxide product, thus possibly leading to a better erection.  But, and I can’t stress this enough,


Ingredients like Tribulus, long jack, and Yohimbe.   You can stack them as well.  Use them and see how they work for you.  If they don’t work then you know they don’t work.  This is better than simply guessing when you use proprietary blends like in the supplements above.  In addition, there are some proprietary blends out there that do have some clinical studies behind them.   The manufacturers make them with the objective to sell them to supplement companies, such as myself and have me make my own “male enhancement product”.  At this point in time, I have the Unleashed, which I am working on bringing back and hopefully I’ll have back sometime very soon.

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