New Cutting Edge Fat Loss Supplement Now Available

I’ve just released a new fat loss supplement that has never been seen in the fat loss supplement category.  The product is a proprietary combination of a mixture of synephrine, hesperidin bioflavonoid, and naringin bioflavonoid.  This proprietary blend has a brand name of KinetIQ.    Essentially it is a thermogenic blend of ingredients that can help with fat loss, energy, and metabolism.

You can use this supplement to give you more energy, help you burn more calories than you normally would, and support your fat loss goals.  It is the most cutting edge fat loss supplement you can buy at the moment.  You could stack this with my Capsimax as well to give you a better chance to lose fat.

Fat loss supplements are a huge business for some companies.  Billions and billions of dollars are made by companies selling garbage.  They dupe people into making them believe they are selling some cutting edge product that will melt the fat ass and help them lose pounds of lard.  But meanwhile, they sell you junk from China and ingredients that are literally have been around for decades.  These supplement companies most of the time are simply owned by wanna-be’s trying to make a fast buck selling you cheap supplements.

Don’t be naive.  You need to understand that 99% off supplement companies do not invent anything.  They rely on the supplement ingredient suppliers that they find from sites like nutra ingredients and natural product insider to sell them a product and then they market it like “THEY” invented.