More Proof On These Incredible Fat Loss Supplements

With my two new fat loss supplements available now (Capsimax and Kinetiq) and of course more to come, soon will be THE place to go for fat loss supplements.  As I have previously stated before, when it comes to buying fat loss supplements you want to buy single ingredients.  You buy single ingredients so that you know exactly what you are getting, and not a crazy concoction some wanna-be supplement expert has put together.

In addition, here at we are constantly making a leap forward and advancements in the supplement industry.  Unlike 95% of the supplement companies out there, most are selling fat loss ingredients from the 1990’s.  Here’s what I mean….

fat loss supplement

This is b*@#*&’s #1 selling fat loss supplement according to their website.  How sad is that?!

You have to be kidding me.  CLA 1,000 mg.  Please for the love of God if you are a reader of this site you’ll should know that you need at least 1,500mg per serving about 3 times a day to get even CLOSE to making CLA work as a fat loss supplement.  And quite frankly I NEVER recommend using CLA as a fat loss supplement.  What is even more comical about this fat loss supplement is that they are using a powder!!  Which is ONLY 50% CLA.  Do you realize that if you tried to use CLA in the dose that companies that actually make it like Tonalin and Clarinol recommend this supplement would only last 3 freakin days!!  You need about 4.5 grams per day.  There is only 30 servings in this container.  How sad?  And Google considers this website an authority and people trust it?  It is a joke and this supplement company and the website where it is sold should be ashamed of themselves.  I consider this is scam!  A 100% legitimate scam.  In addition, how about tossing in your daily dose of, what I feel, is cancer causing ingredients….sucralose and FD& C Red 40.  Hopefully at this point you’re not one to be fooled by krap like this and you’re into buying supplements with research behind them so you can make smart, EDUCATED decisions with your supplement purchases.

One of my favorite websites’ to go to for supplement education is   And low and behold they recently just published an article on capsaicin.  All this site does is talk about research studies dealing with supplements.  Recently they just posted an article about cayenne pepper which is what my Capsimax is.


I love Capsimax.  It is one of my favorite supplements for helping you burn more calories than you normally would.  You can stack this product with Yohimbe, another fat loss supplement.

Again, I like to find articles related to Yohimbe and of course, suppversity has one.  Here it is.

yohimbe supplement

Here is a great fat loss stack.  Take 1 capsule of Capsicum Extract and 1 serving of yohimbe pre workout.

capsimaxbest yohimbe supplement

In conclusion, do not be fooled into purchasing fat loss supplements that are completely bogus.  Instead, buy single ingredients, that have some research behind them.  This way you can be sure that you’re getting the best you can in for that particular ingredient.  The Capsimax is the BEST brand of cayenne extract you can buy and my Yohimbe has been lab tested to guarantee the quality.  Happy fat burning!