New Podcast: Bio Serum Plus Questions and Answers

In this podcast, I talk about Bio Serum and answer questions from customers.


Alex Rogers, President of Protein Factory:

What’s up, everybody? Alex Rogers from coming at you with another podcast. And yeah, so BioSerum blown out. Thanks to everybody who bought the product, I appreciate it. It was just an awesome, awesome week, and sorry for the delays but we just got a ton of orders and we had to push them out. But that was literally a culmination.

Three years of research, three years of hard work, frustration, whatever you want to call it, and Bio Serum’s finally back. You know it’s a success because I posted it on social media, specifically TikTok. TikTok, I like a lot. It’s great for information, but man, the hate, and the haters came out like you wouldn’t believe.

And what does that tell me When the haters come out, just by the hundreds, is that you did something right? Because the supplement industry is nothing but a bunch of followers. It’s nothing but a bunch of cheats and thieves and copycats and all that other stuff. And the settlement companies, everybody but me, they can’t come up with anything new.

All they do is come up with garbage and they’ll just resurrect old supplements, and when finally somebody like myself comes out with something new, they just hate on it. Everything from calling me names personally, which is like I come out with a new protein and it’s just like they attack me personally, which is crazy.

That just tells me that they’re jealous, just making fun of my voice, making fun of the way I look, my gray hair. I mean, you name it, they were just beating on me. And you can tell I’m laughing, obviously, I’m laughing because it’s just ridiculous. Some people can’t take comments on social media, but I can, because I’ve been doing this since, geez, when the internet first came out in ’96.

So attacking me personally, calling it snake oil, calling it bogus. Where are your research studies? Everything just to say the product is just trash. Meanwhile, they have no idea what it is, no idea. Nobody knows what it is. On the face of the earth, the only people who know what it is are my old customers that have actually used it before and are rebuying it now because they know it’s a great protein powder.

But for the people that never used it, I mean, talk about ignorant. I mean, you’re commenting on something that you have no clue what it is. Absolutely none. And if I came out with something like, I don’t know, starfish or not starfish, what’s that candy called? I don’t even know, not Fruity Pebbles. I’m drawing a blank here right now. Oh, Skittle-flavored protein.

If I came out with Skittle-flavored protein powder, I’d be praised, enhanced with L-Glutamine and BCAAs. That’d be the greatest thing since sliced bread. That’s what the mass market wants. But when you come out with something brand new like Bio Serum, people freak out. And I’ll be coming out with Bio Serum 2, and I’ll be coming out with Bio Serum 3, Bio Serum 2 Black, and Bio Serum 2…

Bio Serum Black, by the way, is awesome. If you haven’t gotten it yet. The powder is literally black. I mean, it’s not like black, like midnight black, but it’s a shade of black. It’s a lighter colored black. The taste is great. You taste that chocolate and then the Bio Serum taste comes through. So that’s the experience that you get from it. But it’s a great protein powder.

And it gives you an opportunity to, if you can’t afford the Bio Serum, which I get, unfortunately, that’s the price. Three years in development, I had no other choice but to charge that, and maybe a few months from now I can bring down the price. I don’t know. But the Bio Serum Black is just a great protein powder.

And you’re going to wonder, how the heck did you get this thing black? I used a special cocoa, expensive cocoa, but it makes it a great flavor. So anyway, the Bio Serum is released and what else can I say? A lot of people have questions about it. I mean, it’s not a drug, it’s not anything crazy.

It’s straight-up food. It’s a straight-up food, so use it however you want, use it… Oh, that was a question that somebody had back in the day, I used to recommend a teaspoon. And that’s true. I did recommend a teaspoon because back in 1998, when I first started carrying the product, I was the first guy to sell Bio Serum.

I considered it a protein, but the manufacturer who was in the US at the time, they were selling it based on, because it was expensive, based on the immunoglobulin content, the IGG content. So they were like, “Take a teaspoon and you’ll get 2.5 grams of IGG.” Because one teaspoon is five grams. Take 50% of that, 2.5 grams of IGG and that’s how they want us sell it.

I was like, “Look, this thing is, it’s an incredible protein pattern. Let’s use it as a protein. Let’s make the serving size 30 grams, 50 grams, whatever.” Really, that’s how it all started. So that’s the [inaudible 00:04:48] you can take five grams if you want. If you want it just to help your health out, I mean, take it.

But I like the fact that using it as a protein powder is based on the fact that they feed this stuff. And if you’re savvy enough, you could search it up, search it up on Google. You’ll see they feed this stuff to livestock, specifically pigs, to make them grow faster. They make them grow muscle, gain weight more faster. They feed this stuff to pigs.

So that’s why I thought it was a great protein powder. And it’s all theory. And that’s what I was explaining to people on TikTok.

Alex Rogers:

That’s what I was telling people on TikTok is that bodybuilding is all theory, including supplements. Yeah, you have your supplements that are no-brainers, what I like to call no-brainer supplements, protein powder, creatine, Capsimax, Tectanic Red. Those things are no-brainer, but your experimental stuff, Tribulus, Beta Ecdysterone, that’s at the top of the pyramid. But something like bio serum or protein powder, no, that’s a no-brainer. So to wait for a research study on protein powder, that’s just stupid. It is just dumb. And not only that but the research studies, half of them are bogus anyway. Half of them are paid for by the supplement companies that are trying to say their product works. So yeah. Yeah. Here here to bio serum. Again, thanks to everybody who purchased it, and if you’re thinking about purchasing, you have any questions about it, feel free.

As I said, you could buy the bio serum blocker, just buy a pound of bio serum just use a teaspoon a day. Use a teaspoon a day of the bio serum, which will last you three months. Five grams is a serving size, and five times 90 is 450. There are 450 grams in a pound. So that’ll last you three months. That’s a three-month supply right there. Okay, so I’m going to get into some Q&A now.

I always like to update on… I’m always working on new products, the anabolic oil. It’s the second post down on my website. It’s a new oil. It’s not a resurrected supplement. It’s not any of these oils that are out now, like MCT or hemp or flax, whatever. This is a brand-spanking new product that’s been developed by a very large company. Of course, I’m not going to say who it is because I just won’t, but I have samples coming on the way.

Now, I probably should change it actually to anti-catabolic oil because it’s not really… You don’t take it. And anabolic means muscle building. I like to think of this as anti-catabolic. So I don’t know. I mean, there’s still a little research I have to do on it, but I think, I’m getting in two months of [inaudible 00:01:02]. So I’m going to use myself and I can’t wait. I can’t to use it because I always felt that fat is an anabolic. Very anabolic product that if you use it, I mean, I’ve wild back.

I developed something called frosting, which was whey protein in this fat developed by a company that was supposed to replace hydrogenated oils. But again, I saw it as just a healthy fat. So, I started using it and they discontinued it but long story. But anyway, this is a new oil. This is a brand new oil. There’s some research behind it. I don’t know how good it is, but yeah, I’m getting in I think next week and I’ll try it and I’ll see how it happens. Okay.

And What else do I have going on? Oh, I got something pretty cool that I’m developing. It’s a food product and of course, it’s nonexistent right now. It’s nonexistent. Nobody has it. Let me tell you something. If I could come out with this product, it’s going to be awesome. It’s going to be awesome. So, yeah, I got that going on too. And I got in a bunch of… It’s a culmination of certain things.

Oh, and my friend actually called me. He developed some product too. He developed a new electrolyte, a new hydration product, which is really cool because he wanted to compete with Liquid I.V., which is complete trash, by the way. I mean, Liquid I.V., is nothing but maldetection in electrolytes. Okay. This is completely different. The Osmos molds is very low and he’d send me a sandwich. It’s not ready for retail yet, but yeah, that’s cool.

S,o what you’d do with that is you would use that, that would be pre or intro workout. I mean, maybe not so much during the winter, because I don’t sweat as much as I do during the summer but during the summer it’d be great to use. Or if you’re playing any sports, you don’t play any sports for sure. All right. So, that’s all I got on the RD in front.

So, let’s get into the Q & A.

Alex Rogers:

First question, and some of these questions are basic, some of them are complicated, so I answer all of them. It doesn’t matter to me.

First question, is protein powder natural? Yes, of course protein powder is natural, but he might be saying like, “Is it steroids or is there artificial ingredients in there?” I mean, I think protein powder is natural. I mean, it’s eggs, egg whites, milk… Peas. Yeah, so I think it’s natural.

Second question, can protein powder and meal replacement powders be mixed together? Yeah. The thing about meal replacement powders is that the ones that are out there are trash, I think most of them out there are trash. I haven’t looked actually in a while, but I don’t know. The ones that are out there… I mean, I’ve formulated some awesome meal replacement powder in my day, where I would use whole eggs and I’d use a bunch of stuff. The fat’s the problem, getting the fat in there. You can’t have a meal replacement powder that’s just protein and carbs. It doesn’t make any sense to me. So you got to have fat in there, and really, the only fat that you could put in there is flax powder. I mean, you can put like MCT powder, but that’s okay. But anyway, but yeah, you can mix them together.

Next question, which whey protein should I go for? Is it 25 grams or 60 grams? Now, I assume you’re talking about serving size. So listen, it’s not about the serving size. I can make a protein with a serving size of 150 grams if I wanted to. That doesn’t make any sense. You need to know the protein percentage, which I’ve been harping about since 1998. Divide the protein grams by the serving size. You want high protein percentage, that’s what you want. I mean, that’s why I sell pretty much all my stuff plain. This way you’re getting 90% protein on those whey isolates.

Next question, after my loading phase, I need to be taking five grams of creatine. Is five grams of creatine powder included in powders and flavors? Should I calculate five grams of creatine based off the ingredients list or just creatine? Well, dang, confusing question, but here’s the bottom line. Five grams of creatine. Just buy straight up creatine. Don’t buy creatine with other things in it, I guess, unless they specifically list on the supplement facts panel. Creatine five grams or 5,000 Milligrams. just use five grams of creatine. That’s all.

Next question, what can I do to gain weight as a 14-year-old? Oh, 14 year old? 14 year old, just eat a lot. I got this question from a female about I think a week ago as well. How to gain weight? How do you weight? There’s only three ways to gain weight, eating a lot of calories, lifting weights, and doing steroids. That’s it. That’s the only way. And if you combine eating healthy and lifting weights or whatever, pushups, I don’t care whatever it is. That’s the only way to gain weight and I don’t recommend steroids.

Next question. Which protein is superior, meat or plants? Well, I assume you’re talking about for building muscle, and of course that’s going to be meat, but not… well, it depends on what meat and depends on where it comes from actually. If you really want to get into it. I’ve seen chicken protein powder and I’ve seen beef protein powder, but I’ve seen low quality beef protein powder containing hair, skin, hooves, you name it. And then I used to sell that stuff from New Zealand that was straight up muscle, which was cool. So yeah, you just got to be careful. I don’t really feel, unless he’s talking about powder or just food, food’s definitely beef obviously.

Next question. What is the best way to eat whey protein? The best way to eat whey protein, I would say put it in milk, stir it up and add your cereal on there and then you have high protein milk cereal. Right?

Next question. My teenage son wants to start taking whey protein for football. Is it safe for underage kids? Yeah, of course. But the only thing that I… Again, that’s why I sell my whey protein powdered plain. I don’t like artificial colors and I don’t like artificial sweeteners. And the mainstream media and whatever will say, “Oh, you don’t have the studies. Show me the studies. Here’s the research proving that artificial sweeteners and red 40 is completely safe.” I mean, that’s just big pharma, big food, government propaganda bullshit. There’s a reason why artificial colors are banned in Europe. That’s all I got to say. But anyway, going back to your teenage son, teach them how to just make a healthy shake. Third a cup of protein powder, good milk or whatever, organic milk or whatever you want to use, nut milk. Throw in the blueberries, throw in the bananas, throw in the peanut butter. Keep it as natural as possible. Teach him how to drink stuff without artificial sweeteners and caffeine.

Next question. Can I take creatine and work out later? Will it have the same effect? Yes, of course. But creatine’s not a stimulant. You can take creatine whenever ever you want. So he’s insinuating that you need creatine to work out. No, it doesn’t work like that.

Next question. What is Six Star testosterone booster? Will it help with low T? I have no idea what is Six Star testosterone booster and I can tell you right now, no, it won’t help with low testosterone. There’s this thing now low T… “I got low T. So I’m going to go on testosterone replacement therapy.” When did this spin bullshit start to come? I mean, guys that are on they call it now hormone replacement therapy. Dude, you’re on steroids. You’re just juicing. I’m juicing. That’s all you got to say. Forget hormone replacement therapy. Just be like, I’m juicing. My buddy’s, he’s on hormone replacement therapy. He’s taking 200 milligrams of test… I think enanthate a week and 200 milligrams Deca. I’m like, “Bro, you’re on a cycle.” I mean, I got low T. But natural testosterone boosters they’re definitely not going to help. I mean, even the ones that I sell, LJ 100, LJ 450 Unleashed, they’re only providing a very, very weak boost. That’s it.

Next question. How much muscle can you gain in a month on steroids? Well, depends on a lot of things. Genetics, how much you’re using, first time, bunch of times. How many? There’s so many. That question cannot be answered. Sorry… Without a lot more details.

Next question. Why are SARMs better than the steroids? They’re not. I think steroids are better than the SARMs. A they’re safer. You know what you’re getting, you know that they work and that’s the goal. Yeah. SARMs I don’t recommend.

Next question. What is the best protein powder for power lifters? That’s kind of a good question, but there’s no difference between a 40-year-old woman wanting to gain muscle that does Pilates and a 25-year-old USA Olympic lifter. You want the best protein no matter what. So you’re going to be the same thing and the best protein powder right now… I just don’t have the data to back it up, but I love Bio-Serum with the exception of hydrolyzed proteins. That’s a different category. Bio-Serum muscle shake, whey protein isolate. That’s the intact protein powders. Those are the best.

Next question. Do I need protein powder to gain muscle? That’s kind of a good question. No, you don’t. But you could say, do I need protein to gain muscle really? I mean, that’s kind of how I read it, because protein powder is nothing more than quality, convenient food in my mind. So that’s why I read it like that. Do I need protein powder to gain muscle? Do you need protein to gain muscle? I think obviously when you start working out, you experience your best gains you’ll ever get. Typically, when you first start working out but then once obviously you hit a peak, everybody hits a peak and they stop gaining at some point. And maybe that’s when a high quality protein powder will come in hand like a hydrolyzed protein will get you past those plateaus. So I think at that level, yeah, a protein powder would work.

Next question, can I take HMB creatine and BCA scaler? Yeah, of course you can, but just you’ll be pissing your money away with the HMB and BCA, so just take the creatine.

Next question. Why is it necessary to take BCAs if whey protein already has it. Yeah, exactly. And it’s not. And you don’t have to. Any company that sells BCAs in free form is just fooling you. They’re just trying to take your money. There’s no point of using BCAs. They’re obsolete. You can just use whey protein and get all the BCAs in there.

Should females bench press? I don’t know. I mean, what’s the difference? There’s no difference. I mean, that’s the one thing females are like, “Oh, I don’t want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger when I start lifting.” You’re not going to, unless you’re taking steroids. I don’t know one natural or I’ve never seen in the history of body building one natural female bodybuilder that’s so muscular. You’re like, “Ew.” It’s just not in the cards because testosterone levels.

Next question, can you take creatine with tribulus ZMA, theacrine, citrulline malate, BCAs, and MusclePharm’s mass gainer at same time as being prescribed a drug? Okay, first of all, I’m not a doctor. You went into the doctor realm with that question. I’m sorry. I can’t answer that. All I can tell you is that you’re taking some bogus products. ZMA is snake oil. ZMA is a giant scam. BCA is pretty much on the same level, not completely worthless, but ZMA is just a snake oil. MusclePharm? Fucking MusclePharm. MusclePharm sucks.

How many reps are recommended for deadlift? Okay, so I got this question. I wanted to answer it, but no, because normally I don’t answer questions about lifting and things like that, and here’s why. Okay? Now, you’ll see on social media, and especially with TikTok now, but it used to be pretty prevalent on the internet, is weightlifting programs. Do you need a weightlifting program? Blah, blah, blah. Okay. Now, here’s the thing that I firmly believe. Body building is the simplest thing ever, and I’m going to prove it to you on why. Why there’s no need for workout programs. There’s no need to ask somebody how many sets I should do on the bench? Give me a workout routine for chest. Give me a workout routine for triceps. How do I grow my quads? All those questions, you don’t need to ask them, because it’s very simple. Just do it. I don’t care what you do, whether you do lunges, squats. You want to grow your legs? Work them out every day. There’s no rules to body building. There’s no rules. There’s no workout plans. There’s no workout plan that’s better than the next, guys.

So meanwhile, if you see some TikTok influencer with a million followers, and he’s jacked, he’s ripped, he’s got huge arms. Don’t buy his workout plan. It’s stupid. It’s just what do you think that everybody that buys his workout plan is going to work out is going to look like him? No, they’re not. Everybody’s different. Everybody has different genetics.

And here’s my point, because look at gymnasts. Look at Olympic gymnasts. Do they work out like body builders? Of course not. They do rings and the horse and whatever, and they’re the most jacked, ripped guys I’ve ever seen. Did you ever see a Olympic gymnasts biceps? They’re jacked. He probably doesn’t even know the thing about curling.

There’s another guy on TikTok. He just walks around. He’s an African American guy. He doesn’t lift. I swear to God, this guy, he just runs around. He does just calisthenics and pushups, and he’s in the park. The guy never picks up a weight, and he calls it like, no shakes or no whatever. He doesn’t believe in supplements. And he’s jacked. He’s ripped. Okay?

Then there’s another person, she’s like, this woman, I swear to God, she’s like 65 and she’s not juicing. You can completely tell she’s not juicing, but she’s in great shape. She does pull-ups with her… Like a pull-ups with V, which are very hard. She does those. So what are you going to do? You going to buy her program, her pull-up program? No, you’re not, because she’s 65, so you can’t relate. Instead, you’re going to buy Joe Schmo bodybuilders because he’s got huge quads. You’re going to buy his leg workout because he’s got huge quads.

Nothing matters. All that matters is frequency. Of course, you don’t want to work out so you hurt yourself, obviously, where you’re throwing weights around and you get hurt because then you can’t work out, and then there goes your gains. It’s just frequency. It’s frequency and intensity. Maybe if you want huge biceps, become a gymnast because all those guys have huge biceps and they’re all ripped. Nothing matters except the frequency and the intensity that you work out. I could take anybody, make them do pushups, whatever. Everybody’s different. Everybody will have different results. So there’s no reason to buy any exercise programs from any influencer. You could simply, shit I would, if anything, you could buy a book.

My friend, Dr. Colker, he put out a book a while ago, a go called, I forget what it’s called, muscle enhancement or something like that. It’s like, dude, you get it literally for 10 bucks. So if you never lifted before, yeah, do that. Or if you never lifted before, yeah, okay, then maybe have a personal trainer show you the correct form, blah, blah, blah. That’s fine. Forget the research studies and all that stuff. I mean, I’ve seen them online where, okay, what’s the best form of plank to stimulate the muscle the most? I mean, that’s all good, but bottom line is it’s the frequency that you do planks. I mean, if I did planks every day for two, three hours a day, I’d be incredible at planking after a month or two. But I don’t, but I wish I could.

But that’s the bottom line. So there’s no reason to buy anything. There’s no reason to follow a certain guy’s workout plan, whatever. Maybe they’re fun and they’re different. I get that part. And I mean, if you want to try something different, that’s cool. And then I get maybe sports specific training. For example, let’s just take surfing for example. You can go online and you could look at ways to how to stand up on the board better or how to paddle better that that’s fine. Or how to ski better, use this technique. But as far as body building goes and building muscle, no, there’s no, put the bench at a 30 degree angle instead of a 45 degree angle, and that’ll hit the pectoral muscle. Bullshit. I call bullshit all the way here. This is how you do a curl. Do it this way. You don’t raise your elbows a little bit and… bullshit. Bullshit.

Just go in there and train like an animal as hard as you can and as often as you can, train seven days a week, and that’s it. And then eat quality food. Don’t eat garbage. Eat quality food, direct quality. And that’s why you’ll never see diets on my site. I never post diets or I never tell people, oh yeah, take whey protein isolate twice a day, then take the casein at night. Okay, so that’ll give you 60.9 grams of protein, and then the next day, take Bio… That’s bullshit. It’s complete bullshit. Okay? Keep it super simple. Train hard, get quality food, eat tons of protein. That’s it. That’s all you got to do. All right.

And I think last question here, because the podcast’s going on a while now. Last question. Yeah. Love your podcast. Hopefully you can help me out. I’m an endomorph, dropped 80 pounds getting in shape, so I need to keep trying to cut weight before I start building a ton of muscle. Yeah. I think I wanted to read this question before I just went on that rant, but that’s what this thing is related to. Just do I need to keep trying to cut weight before I start to build? No, just lift man. Just go crazy in the gym. Just go crazy. Just work out. Everything will come together. You’ll start to lose body fat. Again, there’s no rules. Okay?

All right. Feel free to text me any questions. 732-901-9600. I’m in New Jersey, so be aware of the time, but if you text me and I don’t answer, just text back in a few hours because I get tons of texts and it gets pushed down. So I don’t mind getting bombarded with texts, it’s no big deal.

All right, thanks everybody. Talk to you later.