5 Customer Stacks To Get You Jacked!

I’ve been selling protein and supplements for almost 20 years.  Ever since I got out of college I was selling whey protein isolate and a bunch of other products.  Therefore believe it or not I have had customers buying for me for the same amount of time.  Crazy when you think about it and I truly appreciate all of my customers.  Not only does this help my business, but I invest heavily into new products and new ideas.  Like the Muscle Shake native protein blend that just came out.  You will not find this product anywhere on the market, but only at Proteinfactory.com.  If you want to take your gains to the next level consider using some of these stacks.  If you want to be average, keep chugging Apple Jack Flavored Protein powder.

In this blog post, I wanted to feature stacks that I see my customers buy.  Sometimes I look at these stacks and I say to myself..”Wow!” what a great idea.    Therefore here are some of those stacks that I think you might enjoy looking at.

This first stack is one that I feel really builds up muscle mass by taking advantage of the insulinotropic effect of the hydrolyzed or predigested proteins.

Insulin+Fast Digesting Proteins= Anabolic Condition Stack

  1.  Salmobolic 98
  2. Peptopro
  3. Creapure

I see this stack purchased often now.  As a beginner and for most of the supplements that the average mass market supplement buyer purchases, he will get a whey protein concentrate or whey isolate and just mix in some creatine for China.  But the long time experience Proteinfactory.com customer will get this stack above because they know that even though whey protein concentrate and isolate spikes your insulin, Salmobolic 98 and Peptopro will do a much better job resulting in a better muscle building effect.  Finally as far as the creatine goes, nothing for nothing but I never recommend creatine for China.

Appetite Killer/Anti-Catabolic Stack.

  1. Oatmuscle and Micellar Casein

I see this stack purchased quite often.  Why?  Because the Oatmuscle has an appetite suppression effect from the beta-glucan found naturally in the oats.  Plus micellar casein also has an appetite suppression stack.  So I suspect customers are using this as a meal replacement powder and/or using it as a night time pre-sleep formula.

Without question, this is one powerful stack.  If you are trying to lose weight this is perfect to suppres the appetite.  You can also stack it with the saffron that I sell.

Bio Serum Peptopro Stack. 

This has been one of the most common stacks for the last ten years.  I think the thought process behind this stack is simply getting the two of the best protein powders on the market.  Bio serum has been proven over the years to really trigger some muscle growth.  Especially if one has been using whey protein for a long time.  Peptopro is on the same level.  You get a very high quality hydrolyzed protein powder that is great for post recovery.  Therefore when you can combine the two you have a super blend of protein powder.  Keep in mind you are getting a slow digesting protein with the Bio Serum and a fast digesting protein with the Peptopro, meaning you get a anabolic/anti-catbolic effect.  No need really for any other protein powders.

Use 2 tbs of Bio Serum and 2 tbs of Peptopro

Peptide Stack With Creatine

Citrulline Peptides


Leucine Peptides

Hydrolyzed 520

My customers know that by using peptide protein powders you can take advantage of the rapid absorption.  Not only that but combing creatine with it is a great idea.  Without question the hydrolyzed 520 as an insulinotropic effect which will help the creatine “work” better.  Then on top of that, you’re adding leucine peptides.  Which I consider one of my most underrated products.  Quite frankly I think it is one of the most underrated products in the whole supplement industry.   You cannot get away from the fact that leucine is the MAJOR amino acid that helps build muscle.  (read more about it on the leucine page)  So essentially not only are you using an awesome protein powder with the hydrolyzed 520 but you’re really increasing the quality by adding leucine peptides.  Keep in mind there is a big difference between leucine peptides and L-leucine…please do not compare the two because they are COMPLETELY different.

How to use this stack.

This stack is going to be bitter just so you know.

I would first blend up some fruit and veggies or make a juice.  This weekend I had a juice of carrots, apple, celery, and ginger.    The ginger gives it a bite to take away the bitterness from the peptides.

20 to 40 ounces of veggie and fruit juice.  Always try to use more veggies than fruit to get yourself off the sweetness.

1 tsp of creapure

1 tbs of citrulline

1 tbs of leucine

2 tbs of Hydrolyzed 520.

Wow, talk about a high-quality post-workout drink or protein drink.  Nothing compares.

Whey Booster Stack

I see this stack being ordered a lot.  You can simply add 2 to 3 teaspoons of Advanced BCAA into the Mega Whey Protein Powder.  By doing this you’ll literally make your shake better than the average (much better) whey protein powder being sold today.

Mega Whey use 1/3 cup

Advanced BCAA 2 to 3 teaspoons