New Product Line Coming Next Week!

I’ve always been fascinated with mushrooms. The research behind them is nothing short of amazing. Everyone should be eating mushrooms, especially bodybuilders. Mushrooms aid and support testosterone, prostate health, liver support, inflammation support, and muscle recovery. And this is super important, anti-cancer. And look, I cannot get crazy with the anti-cancer stuff, but I think everyone should be consuming some sort of anti-cancer product.

Now, yes, try to EAT mushrooms as often as you can. But for me, I’m not too fond of the taste of them. So I love that I am bringing in these new mushroom supplements.

Now, of course, you know that I am only going to bring in the BEST quality mushroom supplements in the world. Why? Because, like all my products, I want the best because I use it. I’m not going to head over to Amazon and buy some bullshit mushroom supplement with 1,000 paid bullshit reviews. And it is common knowledge now that many online retailers carry garbage supplements from China.

I need to know where they are grown, how they are made, who owns the company that makes them, and what quality controls they have in place, and my natural 25-year supplement manufacturing instincts need to tell me these are the best. I found a great company from Japan that has been in the mushroom business for over 20 years. They have PATENTS on the mushrooms they produce. Quite frankly, I believe this is the only company in the world that has a patent for mushroom extract manufacturing. ( I’ll get into more details about the differences in mushroom supplements)

Next week or the week after, I’ll be offering my new line of mushroom supplements for bodybuilding and sports nutrition use.