Please Stop Using This Scam Supplement

I’ve become a tech person kind of over the years, but I don’t like it. I’d instead rather be researching new proteins and other things I can create to build muscle like the new Total Frag Protein coming out soon. But I was looking at the data from my product search box on my website and noticed that a lot of people are searching for ZMA. I just shook my head because I cannot believe this scam is still going strong.

ZMA supplement
ZMA is snake oil.

Let me make this clear. ZMA is a scam. But it has been around for so long, and so many supplement companies still sell it, that people think that it MUST work. Hell, I think I am the only guy on the planet that says ZMA is a scam. Well, me and the author of a Book called the Game of Shadows, which is a great book to read if you are into baseball, steroids, and supplements.

In a nutshell, you had this guy conjure up some bullshit about some minerals that will do everything from increase one’s testosterone to improve one’s sleep. He was slick enough to convince the most popular supplement company EAS to sell it. (which BTW is now out of business) Of course, with their following, customer base and marketing, sold the shit out of it. So what happens next? Well, all the other supplement companies copy them, because that is what the supplement industry is…a bunch of copy cats and no innovation. (unlike yours truly)

Therefore you had a ton of supplement companies vouching for a product that was complete snake oil. According to the book, the guy that owned SNAC, would help his “clients” obtains steroids and growth hormone, use it, get all jacked up, and then say it was the ZMA. Kind of like what goes on now, but now so direct. Nowadays, you have Instagram influencers using steroids, saying they are natural, and then trying to sell their followers their meal plans and workouts. Meanwhile, its not the meal plans and workouts that are causing their gains…its the anabolic steroids.

The funny thing is ZMA is STILL after about 20 years, being sold as a sleep aid and testosterone booster. I guess the supplement companies are too embarrassed to admit they sold their customers a scam. Look, if jumped on the ZMA bandwagon and sold it, I would concede that I was an idiot and stop selling it. I would not continue. Just like I admit that one time I did sell soy protein powder. Everything was great on paper until the truth about its estrogenic effects came out. What did I do? I stopped selling it.

Do yourself a favor, and don’t be fooled by this garbage.