A Review of Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim, a weight loss supplement, has become a very popular fat loss supplement.  The cost of Plexus Slim is an outstanding $84.95.

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I have not found many reviews on Plexus Slim, but if I did I would not trust them.  Most reviews on supplements on the interent are fake.  You would be quite naive if you think that the supplement companies selling these products do not pay people to give good reviews.

As a supplement manufacturing expert, I am qualified to review this supplement and its ingredients and give you recommendation, on if you should use it or not.

Many popular fat loss supplements come and go.  Remember the days of Hydroxycut?  The product was selling faster than hot cakes until users started having liver problems and dying and the FDA had to issue a warning on the product.

Fat loss supplements continue to dominate the marketplace.  Companies claim to have new, cutting edge supplements when in actuality they are nothing new.  They are simply repackaged old ingredients that have been used for decades.  The only thing new but the marketing.  One of those fad fat loss supplements recently is a product called Plexus Slim.  According to my internet research, about 50,000 or more people search for Plexus Slim a month on Google.  That is a huge amount of people.  Therefore that qualifies it as a fat loss supplement that should be reviewed.

When analyzing a supplement, one should first look for the supplement facts panel.  Hopefully the supplement facts panel is accurate.  In today’s supplement industry one can never be sure if the label is actually reliable or not.  In many cases, I recommend calling the supplement company up and asking them for a 3rd party lab analysis.

Here is the supplement facts panel for Plexus Slim ingredients

plexus slim

The first thing that stands out to me is the proprietary blend.  In todays supplement industry their is no need for a supplement company to use proprietary blends.  Proprietary blends technically are “secret” blends.  Meaning the supplement company does not want you to know the amount they are using of each ingredient.  Commonly if you called up a supplement company that uses a proprietary blend they will tell you the reason they use a proprietary blend is because they do not want people to know their “secret” formula.  And that they have developed this secret formula because it works.  In reality this is just hogwash.  There are no special combinations of ingredients that work better than others.  The reason supplement companies use proprietary blends is because they can get away with using cheaper ingredients at high levels and using the more expensive ingredients at lower dosages.  In this case Plexus Slim is using a proprietary blend.

Next, let’s take a look at the ingredients in the Plexus Slim Blend.

Green Coffee Bean Extract.  

I have written articles about green coffee bean extract and it use for fat loss.  First, green coffee bean extract is nothing new.  It has been around for about 15 years now, maybe longer.  Hundreds, if not thousands of supplement companies have used green coffee bean extract before with results that are mostly disappointing.  However if you do want to experiment with green coffee bean extract I suggest that you use a branded one.  Branded ingredients are very important to use when supplementing.  The brand of green coffee bean extract that you want to use is Teavigo.  This I feel is the highest quality green coffee bean extract you can buy.   In Plexus Slim we do not know if they are using Teavigo or not.  If they are not then they are using a cheap generic version mostly likely from China, that is made synthetically.

The next ingredient in Plexus Slim is Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract.  Again I have written about this product numerous times.  And again garcinia cambogia has been around for over 20 years.  It is not a new ingredient.  The situation is the same with this ingredient as it is with the green coffee bean extract.  You want to make sure that you are using a branded ingredient.  With garcinia cambogia I recommend using the brand Garcitrin or Super Citrimax.  However, with Plexus slim, we do not know if they are using a Super Citrimax or not.  

The finally ingredient in Plexus Slim is alpha lipoic acid.  Just as I have talked about green coffee bean extract and garcinia cambogia before, I have written about alpha lipoic acid supplements before.  The brand of alpha lipoic acid that I recommend is by a company called Geronova.  They sell a high quality r-ALA supplement that I feel is better than all the others.  However, Plexus Slim does not use a r-ALA, they simply use ALA.

In conclusion, Plexus Slim is nothing out of the ordinary.  It is a common supplement that you can easily use alternatives for.  Instead of using Plexus Slim, I would recommend buying each of the ingredients separately and taking them as suggested.  You can buy all of these supplements simply by clicking on the links in this article.

When you buy fat loss supplements, you should always look to by branded ingredients.  Make sure you understand what branded ingredients are.

If you are just starting with fat loss supplement I suggest starting with something that actually increases your body ability to burn more calories.  That supplement is Capsimax, you can buy it here.

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