10 Incredibly Useful Questions About Weight Loss

Ninety-nine percent of the time, when you ask a question about weight loss on the internet or seek an answer to this issue, someone that answers that question or the answer you find there is a motive behind that answer to selling you something.  Therefore I have put together [clickToTweet tweet=”TRUTHFUL & honest answers to the most popular weight loss questions as asked by Americans.” quote=”TRUTHFUL & honest answers to the most popular weight loss questions as asked by Americans.”]

1.  Are weight loss supplements FDA approved?  No, the FDA does not approve any weight loss supplements or any dietary supplements for that matter.  The FDA enforces the regulations, which are entitled the Code of Federal Regulations 111’s.    But they never “approve” any dietary supplements.

2.  Are weight loss supplements effective?  By themselves with continuing to eat bad like showing sugar and process carbs down your throat, definitely not.  If you want a weight loss pill to be effective, then you need to combine it with a lifestyle change.  Whether it is the obvious in eating right or exercising with intensity.  There are some splendid weight loss supplements out there.  That will support the loss of bodyfat.  However, you need to make sure you’re buying high quality.  Make sure you head over to this part of my site if you’re looking for weight loss supplements as I make my recommendations for them.

3.  How do weight loss pills work?  This is a very general question, but they can operate via several ways.  I put weight loss pills into a bunch of categories.

  1. Appetite suppression
  2. thermogenic
  3. metabolism
  4. insulin
  5. muscle
  6. energy
 Weight loss pills are not something where you swallow three pills a day and BINGO, the fat melts off.  You need to figure out how exactly the weight loss pill you have purchased is going to work and then adjust your diet or exercise regime to support the way it works. 
4. How are weight loss pills bad for you?  The dietary supplement industry is regulated by the FDA; however, dietary supplement do not need approval before they are released into commerce.  And that is the problem because you have thousands of people selling their own fat burners without following the FDA’s regulations.  This equates to supplements that could be dangerous because they might contain drugs, banned substances, over dosed ingredients, allergens, undeclared ingredients, and/or illegal ingredients.  People simply “trust” supplement companies in that their supplements are safe to use.  This is far from the case.  Most of the time, fat burners are not tested quality by a 3rd party lab BEFORE it is released to the consumer to be sold.  
5.  Why take weight loss supplements?  You would take a weight loss supplement if you have reached a plateau or wanted to support your weight loss goals AND you have been trying to lose weight for at least 90 days.  Do not take a fat burning supplement if you have not adjusted your diet and/or have not started to exercise.  The first step is to change your lifestyle.  Not buy something related to helping you lose weight.  Simply do this:
Eat:  veggies, fruits, meats, eggs, and grains.
Do not eat:  sugar, fried foods, soy, trans fats, nitrates, processed carbs, and artificial sweeteners.
Exercise:  HARD
Do not exercise:  like a lazy bum!
Once you’ve done the two things above, THEN you may buy yourself a weight loss supplement.  
6.  Which weight loss pills actually work?  The key to finding which weight loss pills actually work is to find SINGLE ingredients in the correct dosage.  Most of the time when you see a weight loss supplement being sold it is a combinate of several ingredients.  This is a marketing tactic.  It is to make you think that this is some special formula made by some weight loss doctor or professional that knows the “secret” formula to fat loss.  This is horseshit.  There is no such thing as a special secret formula, do not be fooled.  Instead, you want to find single ingredients.  If you do to my reviews, section on my site right off the home page, you’ll see the ingredients and the brand that I recommend.  Most of the time you’ll see that I recommend single ingredients that have some great research behind them.  Therefore it will require you to purchase several different bottles because each one will be a single ingredient.  And this is the way and only way to buy weight loss supplements that will actually work. 
7.  What weight loss pills work without exercise?  A lot of them believe it or not.  Again like the answer above, you need to go to the reviews section on my site and find single ingredients.  These single ingredients will have the research behind them to PROVE they will help support weight loss without exercise.  You will never find a weight loss supplement with several ingredients on the back of the label that has research behind it proving that it helps you lose weight without exercise.  If you did, it would be classified as a drug.  That is why, again, you buy single ingredients.  Some of these single ingredients are:  Advantra Z, Capsimax, Slendesta, or Carnipure.  Never buy these ingredients mixes with other supplements.  If you do, then most likely you’ll be getting it underdosed, and it will not work.  
8.  What are fat burners for breast feeding moms?  Never take a fat burner if you are breast feeding.  Never, ever, ever.  Instead simply avoid:  sugar, artificial sweeteners, processed carbs, nitrates, trans fats, soy, and fried foods.  And of course, don’t smoke.  I was actually at the beach the other day and saw a pregnant lady smoking.  Hard to believe, but is was true.  
9.  What are some fat burners for men?  There is no difference between a fat burner for a man or a fat burner for a women.  I chuckle when I see fat burn supplements that are marketing especially for a certain gender.  This is ridiculous and simply just another marketing tactic.  All you need to do is buy single ingredients which I show you on my site. 
10.  Are fat burners good for you health?  Yes and no.  Yes if you buy the single ingredients that I recommend.  Supplements like Teavigo, Carnipure, Razberi-K, Super Citrimax, can all be very health for you.  However, if you buy any of these supplements that are the generic versions from China, this is when they can be bad for you.  You see the supplement industry is filled with lowlifes that will buy cheap ingredients, with the most expensive packaging, to increase their profit margin.  Quality ingredients can be as much as 10X higher in cost to use than generic versions from China.  Therefore supplement companies will, most of the time, use these cheap generic versions and make it seem like it is high quality stuff.  However most of the time, it is low quality.  Take for example Razberi-K.  If you go to Amazon.com, you’ll find hundreds of raspberry K supplements.  But very few, that use the branded, researched backed Razberi-K.  Remember always, when possible use the branded single ingredients.  
If you have any questions about weight loss or weight loss supplements you can simply text us.  732-901-9600 or email me [email protected] and I’ll be glad to help you.