Testers Wanted For New Experimental Powder

UPDATE Feb 24th 2020. ALL SPOTS FILLED NO MORE TESTERS NEEDED. Thank you to all the applied

Exciting news I’d like to share with everyone to kick-off 2020. I have a brand new powder that I need about 10 to 20 people to try and give me their results. The powder hopefully will increase muscle mass and weight. This is a totally new powder. NOBODY has this in the United States. NOBODY! And it is not some bullshit new formula that every other supplement company claims they have. No sir, this is a totally NEW powder. What is it you ask? I’m not saying. Because it does not matter. All you care about is growing muscle? Am I correct? If not then this is not for you. If you want to try this new powder keep reading…..

Here is what you need to do if you want this powder

  1. $50.00
  2. A blog, Instagram, or Facebook. (I’ll give priority to people with a blog or website)
  3. Renpho scale. It measures body fat, muscle, and weight. It cost like $30.00 from Amazon. You’ll need an account and have to be friends with everyone else in the “study”. This way everyone can see the progress or no progress.
  4. Weigh yourself every day
  5. Take the powder once a day post-workout or pre-workout
  6. Take the powder as directed
  7. The program should last approximately 30 days
  8. Keep track of your strength

I am also giving priority to people that are professional trainers, athletes, and bodybuilders, gym owners, and anyone else with clout.

These are just the nuts and bolts of what I am looking for.

As you can see, I want to see if this powder builds muscle. Plain and simple. By using the Renpho scale, I and along with other people in this “experiment” will be able to see your measurements.

If you want in ….. (keep in mind that I am choosing the best people for this experiment, along with my most loyal customers. I have thousands of customers, and only need about 10 people. So if you get picked consider yourself very, very lucky.

If you have doubts about this new powder or want to categorize my company with all the other so-called cutting edge, supplement companies think again.

In 1998 I invented protein customization..

then I was the first company to bash proprietary protein formulas…

then I was the first company to market 100% whey isolate…

then I was the first company to sell bovine serum albumin…

then I was the first company to sell Peptopro…

then I was the first company to market molecular weight of hydrolyzed proteins…..

then I was the first company to expose soy lecithin in protein powders….

then I patented whey protein with egg lecithin….

then I helped invent the world’s only natural occurring follistatin egg powder….

I probably missed some other things, but that is what I can remember for now.

and now in 2020, I am introducing another “first” for the sports nutrition industry.

Its effectiveness has yet to be know, but what I do know is nothing else like it exists in the world. 🙂